Profiles in Versatility: The Industrial Internet of Things is Upon Us

October 1, 2018
Hertz Staff

APS News

In manufacturing, oil refining, and other industries around the world, a new approach to solving problems and leveraging data is changing the way we make business decisions. You’ve heard of smart refrigerators, smart cars, and smart homes; now imagine a smart power plant, where hundreds of thousands of sensors take data across the entire system, and software, driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, provides intelligent information to workers, allowing them to make the right operating choices.

This is the realm of Hertz Fellow Josh Bloom, a physics professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who also serves as vice president of data and analytics at GE Digital. The former astrophysicist started his career examining gamma-ray bursts, the brightest explosions in the cosmos. But when he realized that an explosion of astro data was imminent, he gravitated toward data science. The problems he was trying to solve in understanding the origin of the universe had relevance for industry as well.

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