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Uncovering a Deep Sea Microbial World
Posted: 10/17/2019

Hertz Fellow ’81 Arthur Spivack is revealing the secrets of ancient microorganisms deep in the ocean floor, and vital to our existence.

In the “More >>>

Moonquakes and Earthquakes: From Apollo 11 to Today
Posted: 9/4/2019

Seth Stein, ’78, began his geoscience career as an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Ins ... More >>>

Cooler Heads: What changes our minds about climate?
Posted: 7/30/2019

Thanks to rapidly rising CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere, the Earth has warmed approximately 2 degrees Fahrenheit from pre-industrial levels — a trend that scientists pred ... More >>>

5 Questions for DARPA Director Steve Walker
Posted: 7/30/2019

The mission of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — DARPA — is “to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security,” and in its 61 ... More >>>

Taking a 360° Look at Soot and Smoke
Posted: 5/9/2019
Spotlight on Tami Bond

From chemistry to human behavior, Bond is weaving together the causes and effects of airborne dark carbon. The result: U.S. policymakers ma ... More >>>

Clearing the Air: Tami Bond’s Computer Model Is Best Forecast Yet on Policies Aiming to Control Soot
Posted: 5/8/2019

In the February 11 issue of Nature Sustainability, a multi-institution team unveiled a new tool for understanding and controlling the health and climate impacts of shipping goods – a ... More >>>

Looking Ahead: A Conversation with Three 2019 Hertz Fellows
Posted: 4/16/2019
The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation has chosen its 2019 Hertz Fellows, and they include 11 exceptional young men and women who will now be empowered to pursue their research interests wherever the wo ... More >>>
The Impact and Importance of Early Career Research
Posted: 4/16/2019
Scores of federal agencies, charitable foundations and other organizations support young researchers during their early careers, a period that spans graduate school, postdoctoral appointments, and the ... More >>>
Guiding Cells for the Future of Medicine
Posted: 4/10/2019
Spotlight on Kyle Loh

“Over a million patients in the US await organs that they’ll never receive,” says Kyle Loh (‘11). This demand can’t ... More >>>
Expanding Our Understanding of Nature
Posted: 3/26/2019
Spotlight on Carl Wieman

In 1995, Hertz Fellow (’73) Carl Wieman and Eric Cornell unleashed a new era in scientific discovery when they proved a theory that had tanta ... More >>>

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