MEGAHertz Challenge

New $1M MEGAHertz Challenge: A Great Way to Create Your Legacy at Hertz

The Hertz Fellowship program is considered among the most prestigious in the nation. Our rigorous selection process, five years of support for Fellows, and the lifelong community of collaboration among these groundbreaking scientists and engineers ensure Hertz Fellows are constantly pursuing life-changing (and in some cases, life-saving) research and innovation.

Not only have Hertz Fellows won numerous awards and received prestigious recognition like the Nobel Prize, the National Medal of Science, the Turing Award, Breakthrough Prizes, and MacArthur Foundation “Genius” awards, they are also celebrated leaders across numerous industries and research arenas. They have founded more than 300 companies and hold more than 3,000 patents. By any measure, Hertz Fellows have had an enormous impact on our country’s economy, our national security, and our competitive status in the world.

The board of directors is committed to expanding the Foundation’s impact and thereby accelerate the rate of important scientific and technological breakthroughs for which Hertz Fellows are well known. Therefore, they are vigorously working toward raising the funds necessary to award a Hertz Fellowship to every deserving candidate each year.

To inspire others to support these most promising of our nation’s young scientists and innovators, an anonymous donor has made of gift of $1M to launch the MEGAHertz Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

Anyone (individuals or groups of individuals) who creates a new Named Fellowship will qualify for a match of $50,000. For those donors who wish to create an Endowed Fellowship, $150,000 in matching funds will be provided. These gifts can be paid over a period of up to 5 years. The match ends when funds are fully expended.

The Foundation is honored to celebrate those donors who join in this quest through funding expendable or endowed fellowships at the Hertz Foundation.

  • Named Fellowships: Begin with a pledge of $250,000 and support a single Fellow for five years (expendable support). During the MegaHertz Challenge, the new donor’s minimum commitment can be discounted according to the challenge terms noted above.
  • Endowed Fellowships: Begin with a pledge of $1M. Since only 5% of the corpus is used each year to fund a student, this fund will support multiple fellowship recipients (perpetual fund). During the MegaHertz Challenge, the new donor’s minimum commitment can be discounted by $150,000 per the challenge terms noted above.

Each type of Fellowship can be named by the donor to celebrate family, friends, favorite professors or anyone else they choose to honor in this fashion. And the benefits for the donor reach much farther. Donors are invited to events that encourage a personal relationship with their supported student/s, and receive regular updates about their student’s progress in and outside of the lab. Often, the bonds formed by these relationships last a lifetime.


For more information, please contact:

President Robbee Kosak Email or call 925.373.1642
Senior Director of Development Jayne Iafrate, CFRE Email or call 925.583.2411