Endowed and Named Fellowships

Leave a Lasting Legacy


“Freedom to Innovate” isn’t just the motto of the Hertz Foundation; it is our core belief. The Hertz Fellowships are widely considered to be among the most prestigious in the United States because of its rigorous, two-phase interview process and its generosity. It is the only national fellowship program that provides five years of full tuition-equivalent and stipend support.

Hertz Fellowship recipients are granted total research freedom throughout the five years in pursuit of their PhD. As a result, as their research interests grow and mature, it is not uncommon for these talented and creative young researchers to change research direction, research groups, fields and/or even institutions, all in pursuit of the most compelling and interesting research issues in their fields.

Named and endowed fellowships are two ways in which Hertz Foundation donors can support students’ “freedom to innovate,” up-close and personal. Donors who support fellowships will meet their recipient/s and receive periodic updates on their research, and also be recognized via publication citations. Both named and endowed fellowships also can be named to honor any person or organization the donor wishes to recognize.

    • Named Fellowship—an investment of $250,000 or $50,000 annually for five years—fully funds one PhD student.
    • Endowed Fellowship—an investment of $1M—ensures support for a new Hertz Fellow, every 5 years, in perpetuity. It provides a lasting legacy to the donor or anyone the donor chooses to name.
    • By June 30, 2020, the Foundation has set a target to create 60 new Named Fellowships via it’s “60 Fellowship Initiative.” Currently, 46 have been created.

To help us identify and support the next generation of leaders in applied science and engineering by naming or endowing a Fellowship, please contact Jayne Putnam Iafrate, Sr. Director of Development, at 925-583-2411.

  • Endowed Fellowships
    • Professor Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa Fellowship
      Donors: Ray Sidney, Hertz Fellow 1995, and the Wakerly Fund
    • Big George Ventures Fellowship
      Donor: Ray Sidney, Hertz Fellow 1995
      • Ethan Sussman  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  2018 - present

    • Guzik Foundation Fellowship
      Donors: Nahum Guzik and the Wakerly Fund
    • Hertz Endowed Fellowship
      Donor: Anonymous
    • Jane and John Mather Fellowship
      Donors: John C. Mather, Hertz Fellow 1974, and Ray Sidney, Hertz Fellow 1995
      • Lillian Chin  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  2018 - present

    • Professor Silvio Micali Fellowship
      Donor: Ray Sidney, Hertz Fellow 1995
      • Ben Mildenhall  University of California, Berkeley  2015 - present

    • Peter Strauss Fellowship
      Designated by the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Board of Directors
    • Professor Daniel Stroock Fellowship
      Donors: Ray Sidney, Hertz Fellow 1995, and the Wakerly Fund
    • Lee A. Swanger Engineering and Applied Science Fellowship
      Donor: Lee A. Swanger, Hertz Fellow 1970
      • Jordan Edmunds  University of California, Berkeley  2019 - present

    • Wepsic Fellowship
      Donor: Anonymous
  • Named Fellowships
    • Chan-Velasquez Fellowship
      Donors: Sherman Chan and Irma Velasquez
    • Cohan-Jacobs & Stein Families Fellowship
      Donors: David Cohan, Sharon Jacobs, Seth and Carol Stein
      • Preston Kemeny  California Institute of Technology  2017 - present

    • Elizabeth and Stephen Fantone Fellowship
      Donors: Elizabeth and Stephen Fantone, Hertz Fellow 1978
    • Prof. Mauro Ferrari Fellowship
      Donor: Anonymous
    • Forbes Family Fellowship
      Donors: Bert and Candee Forbes
      • David Palmer  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  2018 - present

    • Google Fellowship
      Donor: Google
      • Linus Hamilton  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  2017 - present

    • The Hertz Corporation Fellowship
      The Hertz Corporation
    • Hertz-Draper Fellowship
      Donor: Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc
    • Hertz Fellowships in Global Health and Development
      Donor: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
      • Reuben Saunders  University of California, San Francisco  2016 - present
      • Ravi Sheth  Columbia University  2015 - present

    • Hertz Named Fellowship
      Donors: Anonymous
      • Dylan Cable  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  2019 - present
      • Noah Golowich  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  2019 - present

    • Hans Mark Fellowship
      Designated by the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Board of Directors
    • Susan and Richard Miles Fellowship
      Donors: Susan and Richard Miles, Hertz Fellow 1972
    • The Myhrvold and Havranek Family Charitable Fund Fellowship
      Donors: The Myhrvold and Havranek Family Charitable Fund
      • Ethan Lake  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  2017 - present

    • Harold and Ruth Newman Family Fellowship
      Donors: Harold and Ruth Newman
      • Suhas Rao  Stanford University  2017 - present
      • Dina Sharon  Massachusetts Institute of Technology  2018 - present

    • John Soehrens Fellowship
      Donor: Anonymous
      • Lila Neahring  University of California, San Francisco  2017 - present

    • Alfred Spector and Rhonda Kost Family Fellowship
      Donors: Alfred Spector and Rhonda Kost
      • Iris Cong  Harvard University  2018 - present

    • Wilson Talley Fellowship
      Designated by the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Board of Directors
    • Tom Weaver Fellowship
      Donor: Anonymous
    • Lowell Wood Fellowship
      Donor: Paul M. Young, Hertz Fellow 1991

If you are interested in endowing a Fellowship or discussing other special gift opportunities
Contact: Jayne Putnam Iafrate, CFRE Email or call 925.583.2411
Thank you for joining us! Every gift matters!