Hertz Foundation Internship Program for Fellows

The Hertz Foundation Internship Program enables in-school and early career fellows to pursue significant internship experiences before, during, or after their graduate studies. In the program, the Internship Committee and Hertz Fellow community work directly with interested fellows to build bridges with corporations, national labs, academia, and government agencies to create specific opportunities for enhancing the fellows’ training and enable internship partners to benefit from the exceptional talent Hertz fellows provide.

An internship at a key location can enhance not only a fellow’s training, but also establish partnerships with academia, industry, government offices, and national labs for the benefit of the fellow as well as the fellow’s academic advisor and institution. An internship can be a summer opportunity and a pre-matriculation gap year, post-doc or even simply an ongoing collaboration to enhance thesis research. The pool of Hertz Foundation fellows provides access to extraordinarily well qualified students and researchers, all of whom have been vetted through a rigorous competitive process.

The list of available internship positions is always changing. Potential internship opportunities span the range of academic (Caltech, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Princeton, Texas A&M, Stanford, etc.), industry (Apple, Google, Intellectual Ventures, Synaptics, Goldman Sachs, SpaceX, etc.), national and defense labs (Sandia, Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Air Force Research Lab, Naval Research Lab, NASA, etc.) and other research institutes (Scripps, MIT Lincoln Labs, SRI, etc.).

For Hertz Fellows interested in the internship program, please contact internships@hertzfoundation.org