Fields of Study

The Foundation supports graduate students working toward the PhD degree in the applied physical and biological sciences, mathematics and engineering. These fields include applied mathematics, statistics, and quantitative aspects of modern biology.

Here, "applied" is broadly construed to mean fields of endeavor in which one applies, invents, and/or develops results from the basic physical sciences to generate solutions to problems of comparatively near-term, widespread human interest.

Beyond this broad definition of “applied," the Foundation does not direct Fellowships towards particular fields of study.

The Foundation's efforts complement the NSF's and NDSEG’s graduate fellowship programs (Hertz Fellows frequently coordinate their fellowships with support from these two government agencies along with other private and public fellowship programs).

The following is an illustrative (but not exclusive) list of the fields in which we have recently supported Hertz Fellows. Note, however, it is up to each fellowship applicant to advocate regarding his or her specific area of interest as an "applied physical science."



Applied Mathematics and Statistics


Computer Science and Engineering

Earth and Geological Sciences

Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Nuclear Engineering

Materials Science

Physics and Chemistry

Quantitative Biology and Bioengineering