Meet the Hertz Fellows 2019

The Hertz Foundation finds, evaluates, selects, develops and mentors the brightest technical people in the Nation, giving them all possible support and freedom to find their creative limits. By further bonding them into a Community, we best equip them to meet the commitment to serve the Nation as inspired by John Hertz.

Hertz Fellow: Alex  Atanasov
Alex Atanasov
Hertz Fellow: Dolev  Bluvstein
Dolev Bluvstein
Hertz Fellow: Dylan  Cable
Dylan Cable
Hertz Fellow: Jordan  Edmunds
Jordan Edmunds
Hertz Fellow: Benjamin  Eysenbach
Benjamin Eysenbach
Hertz Fellow: Bailey  Flanigan
Bailey Flanigan
Hertz Fellow: Noah  Golowich
Noah Golowich
Hertz Fellow: Melissa  Mai
Melissa Mai
Hertz Fellow: Nitya  Mani
Nitya Mani
Hertz Fellow: Jacqueline  Turner
Jacqueline Turner
Hertz Fellow: Nina  Zubrilina
Nina Zubrilina