Meet the Hertz Fellows 2018

The Hertz Foundation finds, evaluates, selects, develops and mentors the brightest technical people in the Nation, giving them all possible support and freedom to find their creative limits. By further bonding them into a Community, we best equip them to meet the commitment to serve the Nation as inspired by John Hertz.

Hertz Fellow: Alexandra  Brown
Alexandra Brown
Hertz Fellow: Lillian  Chin
Lillian Chin
Hertz Fellow: Iris  Cong
Iris Cong
Hertz Fellow: Colin  Defant
Colin Defant
Hertz Fellow: Sarah  Hooper
Sarah Hooper
Hertz Fellow: William  Kuszmaul
William Kuszmaul
Hertz Fellow: David  Palmer
David Palmer
Hertz Fellow: Dina  Sharon
Dina Sharon
Hertz Fellow: Ethan  Sussman
Ethan Sussman
Hertz Fellow: Gabrielle  Tender
Gabrielle Tender
Hertz News

Hertz News