Ben Mildenhall

Hertz Fellow: Ben Mildenhall

University of California, Berkeley

Area of Study

Computer Science and Mathematics

Fellowship Years

2015 - present

As an undergraduate at Stanford, Ben Mildenhall worked on applying probabilistic inference techniques to various problems, including reinforcement learning, handwriting recognition, and procedural content generation. Ben worked in the Pixar research group on methods for prefiltering geometric data in order to decrease rendering times. At UC Berkeley Ben is interested in developing new methods for computationally capturing, analyzing, and displaying spatial and geometric data as these problems become increasingly relevant with the rise of new technologies such as virtual reality headsets and self-driving cars. He says: “Taking how we actually look at the world and integrating that into the future design of algorithms and hardware for capturing and displaying visual information would be a huge leap forward.”
Fellowship Recipient:

Professor Silvio Micali Fellowship