Katie Bodner

Hertz Fellow: Katie Bodner

Stanford University

Area of Study

Biological Engineering

Fellowship Years

2015 - present

Katie Bodner’s research spans applying synthetic biology to cancer diagnostics, HIV vaccination, muscular dystrophy and biologics pharmaceutical production resulting in a publication and patent. She co-founded MIT’s first biotechnology student initiative. Katie’s work on bringing DNA computing to mammalian cells led to a gold medal for MIT’s iGEM team, a global undergraduate competition in synthetic biology. As an Amgen Scholar, Katie developed a programmable, RNA platform for use as a vaccine for HIV and a therapeutic for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. She won the U.S. Biologics Technical Development Outstanding Student Award and interned at Genentech. As a Hertz-Draper PhD student in bioengineering at Stanford, Katie will focus on applying systems biology to improve drug development.

Fellowship Recipient:

Hertz-Draper Fellowship