Olivia Hendricks

Hertz Fellow: Olivia Hendricks

Stanford University

Area of Study

Materials Science

Fellowship Years

2013 - 2018

Olivia Hendricks is a graduate student in chemistry at Stanford University. She works jointly for Professor Chris Chidsey, also a Hertz Fellow, in chemistry and Professor Paul McIntyre in materials science and engineering. Her research uses atomic layer deposition to fabricate more stable catalysts for water oxidation. The ability to efficiently generate electrons from water is essential for solar energy storage.

Olivia attended Wellesley College, where she majored in chemistry. She demonstrated an early interest in scientific research, joining Professor Nolan Flynn’s lab after her freshman year. She wrote her honors thesis on An Electrochemically Triggered Assembly Method for Gold Nanoparticles. She also spent a summer working for Professor Molly Stevens at Imperial College London on nanofibrous scaffold materials for cartilage tissue engineering.


2018 - Atomic layer deposition of mixed metal-oxide titania alloy films for water oxidation