Robin Deits

Hertz Fellow: Robin Deits

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Area of Study


Fellowship Years

2011 - present

An obsession with Legos as a child, that grew into a passion for engineering as a young adult, brought Robin Deits to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2007. With the support of his Hertz Foundation Fellowship, Robin is pursuing his PhD in physics at MIT. Although his major is in physics, Robin considers himself an engineer at heart, and plans to continue his studies at MIT focusing on Robotics. In the lab, Robin has worked on applying genetic algorithm optimizations to engineering problems from robotic clams to house-sized motors.

Outside of the lab, he has created (with a little help from his friends), a wide variety of unique projects, including a 60-foot-long wooden roller coaster, a programmable LED hallway lighting display system, and a 'digital waterfall' which displays images using drops of falling water.  Robin is equally happy working in the machine shop, writing software, or wiring a circuit for some new project. In addition, he has played classical piano for over a decade, and has recently begun developing his skills as a photographer.