Josh Waitzman

Hertz Fellow: Josh Waitzman

Northwestern University

Area of Study


Fellowship Years

2010 - 2013

Josh entered college as a physics major, wanting to understand how basic ideas formed the framework for everyday phenomena. From this physics-centric point of view, courses in the life sciences reinforced the key relationship between structure and function on every scale. Josh received his Sc.B. with honors in Biophysics, magna cum laude, from Brown University where he was a National Merit and Robert C. Byrd Scholar. As a student in the MD/PhD program at Northwestern, Josh’s ultimate goals are to perform fundamental research work, maintain an active clinical practice, and apply the questions and results of basic science to medicine and vice versa. He is currently investigating the regulatory mechanisms of a kinesin motor protein that may offer new strategies to treat glioblastoma and traumatic spinal cord injuries.

Josh plays the trumpet and was in the Brown Jazz Band and Brown Band (the world’s only ice-skating band). In his spare time, he enjoys running and biking along Lake Michigan, playing the trumpet in a community band and cooking with his market-researching, biking, clarinet-playing and food-appreciating wife, Jane Urban.

2013 - Mechanism and Regulation of the Human Kinesin-5, Eg5