Ylaine Gerardin

Hertz Fellow: Ylaine Gerardin

Harvard University

Area of Study

Systems Biology

Fellowship Years

2010 - 2015

Ylaine Gerardin, PhD, is a a post-doctoral researcher with Hertz Fellow Jeff Gore at MIT, working on engineering the gut microbiome of a model animal to perform novel functions.

Ylaine received her bachelor’s degrees in biology and electrical engineering from MIT, and as a Hertz Fellow, her PhD in systems biology from Harvard University, working in the lab of Roy Kishony and co-advised by Michael Springer. Her graduate research combined experimental and theoretical approaches to understanding eco-evolutionary phenomena. Her work on the selective benefits of microbial antibiotic production was published in Nature Microbiology in 2016. She also initiated a project on the genomic analysis of blood-borne pathogens in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital.

Outside of work, Ylaine enjoys taking ballet classes and reading speculative fiction.


2016 - Selection for Antibiotic Production