Jeff Thompson

Hertz Fellow: Jeff Thompson

Harvard University

Area of Study

Physics - experimental atomic physics

Fellowship Years

2009 - 2014

Jeff Thompson is a postdoc at Harvard/MIT. He received his undergraduate degree in physics from Yale University in 2007. During Jeff’s time there, he was active in several campus-engineering groups, and was a research assistant in Jack Harris's lab working on cavity opto-mechanics, specifically focusing on laser cooling mechanical resonators. For the following year, he worked on quantum optics and atomic physics with Immanuel Bloch while on a Fulbright grant in Germany. In 2008, Jeff began his PhD as a Hertz Fellow at Harvard University with Mikhail Lukin, with the goal of integrating neutral atom traps with nanofabricated optical cavities and waveguides.


2014 - A Quantum Interface between Single Atoms and Nanophotonic Structures