Arvind Ravi

Hertz Fellow: Arvind Ravi

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Area of Study

Modern Biology - molecular biology/genetics of microRNAs

Fellowship Years

2009 - 2011

In his thesis Arvind described novel signaling pathways linking the core short regulatory RNAs of embryonic stem cells and sarcomas to downstream processes of proliferation and growth. In addition, he developed computational methods for identifying the “genomic fingerprint” of rapidly evolving lineage-specific microRNAs, which are generally less well studied than their better conserved counterparts.

Arvind is currently in his 3rd year of medical school in the Harvard-MIT Health, Sciences, Technology (HST) Program, and plans to pursue a career as a physician-scientist at an academic medical center. Outside of school, his interests include nonprofit work for disadvantaged communities as well as long distance running (even through the Boston winters).


2011 - The Functional MicroRNA Landscape of Mammalian Development


2018 - The Newman Entrepreneurial Initiative
Halo Solutions is a client tracking platform innovating medical record-keeping