Maya Chandru Overland

Hertz Fellow: Maya Chandru Overland

University of California, San Francisco

Area of Study

Quantitative Biology

Fellowship Years

2008 - 2013

Maya is interested in the fundamental mechanisms that allow us to consolidate complex experiences into retrievable blocks of information. She is integrating molecular, cellular and neural network-level approaches to dissect the physical processes that underlie learning and memory. Maya is currently enrolled in the Medical Scientist Training Program at UC San Francisco. Having completed the first two years of medical school, she is now a PhD student in biophysics and is beginning thesis work with Dr. Steven Finkbeiner’s group at the Gladstone Institute for Neurological Disease. She spent her junior year at Cambridge in the Cavendish Labs and graduated from MIT in 2003 with bachelor’s degrees in physics and biology and a minor in music composition.

2013 - Arc modulates the rapid endocytosis of GluA1-containing AMPA receptors through a functional interaction with E3 ligase Nedd4-1