Z. Jane Wang

Hertz Fellow: Z. Jane Wang

University of California, Berkeley

Area of Study

Chemistry; Organic Chemistry

Fellowship Years

2007 - 2012

Jane Wang is a member Google[x] Life Sciences and has been working on developing nanoparticle platforms for health science applications, where she is enjoying the collaboration on cool science with her high interdisciplinary team.

Jane is interested in using chemistry to solve problems in materials, health sciences, and sustainability. She went to grad school in synthetic chemistry at the UC Berkeley, focusing on developing catalytic methods for the formation of C-C, C-O and C-N bonds. During her PhD, she found that encapsulation of reactive transition metal complexes in a water-soluble supramolecular cluster stabilized the catalysts and allowed them to operate in aqueous solvent under mild condition. For her research, she was awarded the Roche Excellence in Chemistry Award in 2011.

In 2012, Jane began a postdoc with Professor Frances Arnold at Caltech, on directed evolution of cytochrome p450 for catalysis. By combining protein engineering and her background in synthetic organometallic chemistry, Jane created new cytochrome P450s capable of performing transformations outside the scope of biological catalysts. For this work, she was awarded the Dow Sustainability Prize in 2013. Some of this technology is being pursued by Provivi, Inc. in Santa Monica, California.


2012 - Gold(I)-Mediated Nucleophilic Additions to Allenes: from Enantioselective Catalysis to Supramolecular Chemistry