Kimberly Budil PhD

Hertz Fellow: Kimberly Budil PhD

University of California, Davis/Livermore

Area of Study

Applied Science

Fellowship Years

1987 - 1993

Kimberly Budil is the vice president for National Laboratories at the University of California, Office of the President and a director of The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation. Prior to that, Kim was the N Program Manager in the Global Security Principal Directorate at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where she has nearly 30 years of scientific research and management experience across a wide range of programs. Kim also serves as an executive committee governor on the Boards of Governors of the Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC and the Los Alamos National Security, LLC and has been a vocal advocate for women in science. She received her BS in physics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and PhD in applied science/engineering from the University of California, Davis.