Kevin Roe

Hertz Fellow: Kevin Roe

University of California, Davis

Area of Study

Electrical Engineering

Fellowship Years

1981 - 1984

Kevin Roe is one of the electrical engineers who developed the original IBM Personal Computer at Boca Raton, Florida. He worked mainly on the keyboard, which was the main selling point for the IBM PC compared to other computers, since it was far more reliable and higher quality than any other keyboard. After graduating with an MS from Stanford University and a PhD from UC Davis, both in electrical engineering, and working at corporations such as Xerox (at Xerox PARC), Kevin became a patent attorney in the mid 1990's. One major skill that he has is in obtaining issued U.S. patents after other attorneys have failed. He has been able to obtain 100% patent issue rates for companies (patents with broad and valuable claims), whereas the best patent boutique law firms typically obtain less than 65% issue rates. Some of the patents that Kevin has written have been considered sufficiently valuable that they have been licensed or litigated for millions of dollars.