J. Doyne Farmer

Hertz Fellow: J. Doyne Farmer

University of California, Santa Cruz

Area of Study


Fellowship Years

1978 - 1981

Doyne Farmer, PhD, is a professor of mathematics and director of complexity economics for the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the University of Oxford. Doyne was a founder of Prediction Company, a quantitative trading firm sold to the United Bank of Switzerland in 2006; he was their chief scientist from 1991–1999. During the eighties he worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory as an Oppenheimer Fellow and founded the Complex Systems Group.

Doyne began his career as part of the UC Santa Cruz Dynamical Systems Collective, a group of physics graduate students who did early research in what later was called “chaos theory”. During graduate school, Doyne, as a Hertz Fellow, led a group that designed and built the first wearable digital computers (which were used to beat the game of roulette).


1981 - Order Within Chaos