Rosemary Kennett

Hertz Fellow: Rosemary Kennett

California Institute of Technology

Area of Study

Applied Mathematics

Fellowship Years

1974 - 1979

Rosemary Kennett was educated at Sutton High School GPDST in the UK and then obtained her BSc in mathematics from the University of Nottingham. She studied at Cambridge University for Part III of the Mathematical Tripos, which later became a Master of Advanced Studies in Applied Maths. She studied at Caltech for an MS in applied math, followed by both an MS and a PhD in physics, with a thesis based on an experiment undertaken at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. She then performed research in high energy physics on experiments based largely at Fermilab and Cornell, followed by research and development of scatterometry for measuring wind vectors over oceans at JPL. She later worked on the development of demographic modeling for use by the Social Security Administration.

Rosemary taught physics and/or astronomy at several colleges, including California State University Northridge, Syracuse University, SUNY, and Hobart and William Smith Colleges. For over a decade she worked at Spectral Sciences, Inc., located in Burlington MA, doing work for the Department of Defense and NASA. This included work on the physics of the upper atmosphere for missile-related phenomena, atmospheric radiative transfer including the all-altitude SAMM code and the modernization and GUI development of the MODTRAN low-altitude code, synthetic scene generation, the preliminary development of the star background model for the MDA, and the modernization and development of the Plume Tracker software for the study of volcanic emissions. She continues this work as a consultant based in San Francisco.