Leonidas Guibas

Hertz Fellow: Leonidas Guibas

Stanford University

Area of Study

Computer Science

Fellowship Years

1972 - 1976

Leonidas John Guibas, PhD, is a professor of computer science at Stanford University, where he heads the Geometric Computation group in the Computer Science Department of Stanford University and is a member of the Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence Laboratories. In 1976 as a Hertz Fellow, Guibas received his PhD in computer science at Stanford. Afterwards, he has worked for several industrial research laboratories, before joining the Stanford faculty in 1984.

Professor Guibas works on algorithms for sensing, modeling, reasoning, rendering, and acting on the physical world. Guibas interests span computational geometry, geometric modeling, computer graphics, computer vision, sensor networks, robotics, and discrete algorithms --- all areas in which he has published and lectured extensively. Guibas has received many accolades for his research. He is a fellow of the ACM, IEEE, NAE and was awarded the ACM - AAAI Allen Newell Award in 2007, for his pioneering contributions in applying algorithms to a wide range of computer science disciplines.


1976 - The Analysis of Hashing Algorithms