Peter Stoll

Hertz Fellow: Peter Stoll

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Area of Study

Electrical Engineering

Fellowship Years

1971 - 1974

Peter Stoll, Hertz Fellow, departed MIT graduate school to work at Intel in January 1974, with three MIT degrees but none containing the character D. While at Intel, he worked initially in IC design, first doing a watch chip, then working on the 8085 and 8086 microprocessors. Peter departed Intel for HP Solid State Lab Gallium Arsenide logic work in late 1977, but bounced back to Intel in 1978. He then departed Intel again for Daisy Systems in 1983, devoting most of his time there to conceiving, developing, and proselytizing for PMX--which they called the Physical Modeling Extension to the Megalogician, but everyone else called a hardware modeling system. Peter bounced back to Intel again in 1987, diverging from his previous design career to work for four years as reliability manager of an Intel Fab in Rio Rancho, then until retirement in 2004 delved in the depths of the gigabytes of Intel wafer fab manufacturing data for gold in the form of yield and process improvement opportunities. In Peter's retirement, he has been serious enough in his musical interests to take five years of voice lessons--mostly hoping to sing better in such New Mexico groups as the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra Chorus, Canticum Novum, and Quintessence. On pausing voice lessons he resumed piano lessons after a forty-year hiatus, and in early 2013 replaced the Steinway O that was his parent's wedding gift in 1974 with a Yamaha CFX.