Lee Swanger

Hertz Fellow: Lee Swanger

Stanford University

Area of Study

Materials Science and Engineering

Fellowship Years

1970 - 1972

Dr. Lee Swanger is a Principal Engineer in the Miami, Florida office of Exponent, Inc.His consulting activities include investigating issues related to failure analysis of materials and mechanical systems, accident reconstruction, physical and mechanical metallurgy, and thermodynamics. He also analyzes devices and procedures with respect to patent infringement and patent validity. More specifically, his focus includes analysis of machinery dynamics and kinetics, welding and weldments, electrochemistry and corrosion, sleeve and rolling element bearing design, materials testing, fatigue, and fracture.

Additionally Dr. Swanger investigates equipment and process issues in applications including manufacturing facilities, fossil and nuclear power plants, transportation systems, and dry cleaning establishments. His research includes work in the areas of internal combustion engines and compressor component design and testing, and he received a U.S. Patent for his engine bearing material and fabrication process.

Dr. Swanger is a Licensed Professional Engineer in ten states, and has been an adjunct professor of engineering at Cleveland State University and at the University of Miami.Lee has also served as a Hertz Foundation Interviewer from 1982 through 2016.


1972 - Inhomogeneous Thermodynamics and Spinodal Decomposition