Weston Stacey

Hertz Fellow: Weston Stacey

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Area of Study

Nuclear Engineering

Fellowship Years

1966 - 1966

Weston Stacey is the Callaway Regents Professor of Nuclear Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His career spans 40+ years of research and teaching in nuclear reactor physics, fusion plasma physics and fusion reactor conceptual design. He led the IAEA INTOR workshop from 1978-88, which established an international consensus on the feasibility, physical characteristics and R&D requirements of a fusion experimental reactor that led to the present ITER project. For this work, Professor Stacey was awarded the US Deptartment of Energy Distinguished Associate Award and two Department of Energy Certificates of Appreciation. He is the author of about 250 research papers and 7 books, including the textbooks Fusion Plasma Physics (2005), Fusion: An Introduction (1984), and Nuclear Reactor Physics (2001, 2nd edition 2007) published by Wiley.

Professor Stacey is a fellow of the American Nuclear Society, and of the American Physical Society. He is the recipient of the American Nuclear Society Seaborg Medal for Nuclear Research, the Wigner Reactor Physics Award, the Outstanding Achievement in Fusion Award; the Georgia Tech Outstanding Faculty Research Author Award; the Sigma Xi Sustained Research Award; and many others in recognitions of his work.


1966 - Model Approximations: Theory and an Application to Reactor Physics