Lilian Childress

Hertz Fellow: Lilian Childress

Harvard University

Area of Study


Fellowship Years

2002 - 2007

Lilian Childress is an assistant professor at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Previously, Lilian joined the faculty at Bates College as a visiting assistant professor, and was subsequently hired to a tenure-track position in 2008. She has taught classes in fluid mechanics, solid state physics, quantum mechanics, electronics, and introductory physics. Lilian's experimental work on single-spin manipulation in diamond helped open a new research area for solid state implementations of quantum information processing systems, while her theoretical contributions to quantum repeater architectures have rekindled interest in near-term applications for small quantum registers in a variety of physical systems.

After graduating from Harvard College, Lilian received her PhD in physics from Harvard University with the support of a Hertz Foundation Fellowship, where she studied solidstate implementations of quantum optics with Professor Mikhail Lukin. In addition to receiving the Hertz Foundation Thesis Prize in 2007, she was a finalist for the thesis prize awarded by the Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics within the American Physical Society (APS).

Lilian is from Falmouth, Massachusetts.


2007 - Coherent Manipulation of Single Quantum Systems in the Solid State