Joseph H. Thywissen

Hertz Fellow: Joseph H. Thywissen

Harvard University

Area of Study

Applied Physics

Fellowship Years

1994 - 2000

Joseph Thywissen is a professor of physics, and a senior fellow at Massey College, at the University of Toronto. His experimental research group uses ultracold neutral atoms to explore quantum many-body physics. In June 2000, with his Hertz Fellowship, he earned his doctorate in applied physics at Harvard University, followed by two postdoctoral years in France, in the group of Alain Aspect. In 1994, as an undergrad, he earned a dual BS in physics and in engineering at Harvey Mudd College. In 2003, Professor Thywissen was awarded the John Charles Polanyi Prize in Physics, and came to the University of Toronto as a Canada Research Chair. He is now a fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and a fellow of the American Physical Society.


2000 - Internal State Manipulation for Neutral Atom Lithography