Brian Camley

Hertz Fellow: Brian Camley

University of California, Santa Barbara

Area of Study


Fellowship Years

2006 - 2012

Brian Camley is a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Theoretical Biological Physics at the University of California, Santa Diego, studying motility and chemotaxis of eukaryotic cells. His thesis work at UC Santa Barbara was concentrated on the dynamics of multi-component membrane systems, developing relatively simple continuum models to describe these systems on length and time scales that preclude molecular dynamics simulations. Brian's general research interests include similar problems in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, especially those with applications to biology. Brian is proud of his earlier graduate work on the kinetics of single-molecule resonant energy transfer experiments, which gave him an excuse to put a matrix row reduction into a paper, something he would have found improbable when he learned it in high school.

Brian is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is also an avid contact juggler.


2011 - Dynamics of multicomponent lipid membranes