Hertz Foundation Symposia



In 2004 when current Hertz Fellows asked for a venue to engage their counterparts across the country, we began a Symposium program. Not only did the Fellows ask to meet each other, they also wanted to be exposed to many ideas, practices, problems, and people that they might not come across while in graduate school. Also, it seemed to many of us that our alumni and friends would also enjoy meeting the in-school Fellows and they too would have an opportunity to hear interesting talks on important and current topics in science and technology, and meet each other. We received such a positive response to the first Hertz Foundation Symposium, Catalyzing the Future, in March 2005 that we held a 2nd symposium in March 2007, and committed to bringing these stimulating talks, panels, and important speakers again in March 2009.

In August 2013, we are hosting the first East Coast Symposium in celebration of fifty years of the Hertz Fellowship Graduate Program.


Please join us at our next Symposium.

The Hertz Foundation Symposium, through its encouragement of scientific community and service, distinguishes the Foundation as a source of both support and inspiration to all its Fellows.  - John Stockton, PhD Physics, Caltech

This [symposium] was a wonderful opportunity for me to share my latest research and to renew my enthusiasm for my work. I enjoyed hearing about the work being done actoss the nation by other Hertz Fellows. I left the symposium inspired and motivated.  -Kimberly Beatty, Chemistry, Caltech

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Event Date
50th Anniversary Symposium - Maryland 8/2/2013 - 8/4/2013
2009 Symposium, Catalyzing the Future 3/20/2009 - 3/22/2009
2007 Symposium, Catalyzing the Future: the Magic of Invention 3/16/2007 - 3/18/2007
2005 Symposium: Catalyzing the Future 3/18/2005 - 3/20/2005