2009 Summer Workshop

August 7, 2009 - August 09, 2009

The 2009 Summer Workshop was held at the Colorado Mountain College, Steamboat Springs, CO. The Workshop started with an informal dinner on campus on Thursday evening, August 6th. Guest speakers for the weekend included: Professor P. Craig Taylor, Director, Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center, Colorado School of Mines discussing energy problems and issues; David Galas (Fellow 1968) and Louis Lerman (Fellow 1982) discussing taking research/ideas to market—what are the steps and the pitfalls; and Brian Von Herzen (Fellow 1981) discussing global ecology and environmental issues. In addition, we had a musical session with the Vinca Quartet where we experimented with different aspects of musical performance (e.g., changing a piece’s tone to make it sound more “purple”).


In addition to the presentations, participants enjoyed the beautiful area taking hikes, playing Frisbee golf, enjoying the hot springs and even participating in a water gun fight.


We thank Ray Sidney for envisioning the Hertz “summer camp” and for sponsoring this event. Thanks also to the Planning Committee members—David Henry, Daniel Slichter, Katie Mitchell-Koch, and Erez Lieberman-Aiden.


Please read the article in the Fall 2009/Volume 12, page 6, “Joining the Family: A New Fellow’s Take on This Year’s Steamboat Springs Retreat,” by Arvind Ravi.


Pictures for this Workshop can be found by clicking the link:  2009 Summer Workshop Album