Our Values

The Hertz Foundation mission is to provide unique financial and fellowship support to the nation's most remarkable PhD students in the applied physical and biological sciences, mathematics and engineering. Fellowships are free of most traditional restrictions. Hertz Fellows become innovators and leaders serving in ways that benefit us all.

Hertz Foundation Code of Conduct

The Hertz Foundation strives to provide an intellectual community in which all members can participate in a safe and productive environment that supports open dialogue and exchange of ideas and promotes equal opportunities and treatment for all participants.

All participants are expected to treat others with respect and follow meeting venue rules. To this end please be considerate of all event attendees, speakers, and staff. This includes, but is not limited to, speaking to others in a respectful manner and tone of voice; respecting personal space; and refraining from offensive behavior and language.

The Foundation thereby aims to provide an effective forum to consider and debate diverse science-relevant viewpoints in an orderly, respectful, and fair manner.


Rare individuals elevate and inspire us through bold innovations and leadership. During our long history, Hertz Fellows have achieved that ideal. We know we are successful in this endeavor because of the original ideas, service and economic accomplishments of our Fellows in government, industry and academia.

What Distinguishes Us

Hertz Fellowships are among the most prestigious in the world. Through the rigorous interview process, the Foundation identifies brilliant and creative young scientists who merit attention and support.


The Foundation has invested over $200M in Hertz Fellows since 1963 (present value) and supported over 1,200 Fellows. Their exceptional achievements are direct evidence of the high payoff that occurs when the nation's most innovative graduate students are given the freedom and financial support to develop their own unique genius.

Below are the results from a recent alumni-Fellow survey:

  • Hertz Fellows have founded over 200 companies
  • Over 3,000 patents are held by Hertz Fellows
  • Hertz Fellows have received over 200 major awards, including 2 Nobel Prizes in physics
  • 400 Hertz Fellows are tenured or tenure-track university faculty
  • More than 100 Hertz Fellows are scientists or senior managers at Los Alamos, Sandia, and Livermore National Laboratories
  • Over 100 Hertz Fellows are military officers—with four serving as General Officers