John Hart receives "Next Generation" 1st Prize Holcim Award

October 16, 2008

Top Sustainable Construction Projects Honored

Holcim Awards winners for North America announced in Montreal

Montreal / Canada – October 16, 2008 – The winners of the second North American Holcim Awards competition for Sustainable Construction projects were announced at a ceremony in Montreal. Total prize money of USD 270,000 was presented to nine projects from Canada and the United States that showcase the latest approaches to address critical topics including housing affordability, employment, renewable energy, and water efficiency.

The competition is run in parallel in five regions of the world by the Swiss-based Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction. Almost 5000 projects from 90 countries entered the competition which aims to promote sustainable responses from the building and construction industry to technological, environmental, socioeconomic and cultural issues.

“Next Generation” prizes for project visions

For the first time, the Holcim Awards competition included a category for the visions of young architects and designers. MIT architect Neri Oxman and University of Michigan engineer John Hart were awarded the “Next Generation” 1st prize for their visionary building skin research using carbon nanotubes to develop materials that can be assigned specific structural, functional and environmental properties.

“Next Generation” 2nd prize was awarded to an urban residential densification project in Toronto, designed by architects Chenlong Wang and Lingchen Liu of Beijing, China. The proposal creates a series of unusual housing designs that perfectly utilize small gaps in the urban fabric.

The 3rd prize was awarded to Harvard Graduate School of Design student Andrew Lantz for his proposal for an urban fitness, cultural and housing center that collects energy from kinetics, such as running on a treadmill, to power the structure.