Kelly Moynihan, Hertz Fellow 2012, Published in Nature

March 4, 2014
Hertz Staff

Kelly Moynihan is co-author of a paper recently published in the journal, Nature. Kelly and her colleagues Haipeng Liu, Yiran Zheng, Gregory L. Szeto, Adrienne V. Li, Bonnie Huang, Debra S. Van Egeren, Clara Park and Darrell J. Irvine were published February 16, 2014. The paper, titled “Structure-Based Programming of Lymph-Node Targeting in Molecular Vaccines,” describes research that may benefit cancer patients

Vaccines often consist of a killed or weakened form of a pathogen, but for many diseases this approach is either ineffective or unsafe. Another approach involves vaccinating against fragments of proteins from pathogens, but this method is often ineffective because the immune response generated against these peptides is typically weak. In this paper, a novel approach is undertaken to target molecular vaccine components to lymph nodes, where immune responses are generated, by ‘hitchhiking’ on serum albumin. This vaccine system shows dramatically enhanced immune responses and decreased systemic toxicity compared to traditional peptide vaccines. Excitingly, this novel system is capable of inducing regression of established tumors in mice with vaccination against a tumor antigen

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