Jeff Gore, Hertz Fellow 1999, named Pew Biomedical Researcher of the Month

December 12, 2013

Jeff Gore has been named the Pew Charitable Trust’s biomedical researcher of the month for his creative work in evolutionary systems biology. Gore, an assistant professor in physics at MIT, is studying how game theory can be applied to bacterial evolution, with the goal of understanding how pathogens become resistant to drugs.

Inspired by Richard Dawkin’s The Selfish Gene, Gore is interested in the “game moves” employed by bacterial systems, including genetic mutations, that allow them to resist antibacterial agents. In his research, he has observed cooperation among bacteria, as well as “cheaters” -bacteria that benefit from their brethren’s innovation of resistance even though they don't have the necessary mutation themselves.

Source: Pew Health Group, as reported in The Medical News, December 12, 2013