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Date News Release
12/28/2018 Manjul Bhargava Named to Distinguished Position at the National Museum of Mathematics

Featuring Hertz Felllow Manjul Bhargava

12/20/2018 Drug Discovery Start-Up Gains $400M Financing

Featuring Hertz Fellow Matthew Jacobson

12/20/2018 NASA-Industry Team Creates and Demonstrates First Quantum Sensor for Satellite Gravimetry

Featuring Hertz Fellow John Mather

12/18/2018 Gravity is Mathematically Relatable to Dynamics of Subatomic Particles

Featuring Hertz Fellow Stephen Gubser

12/13/2018 Team Invents Method to Shrink Objects to the Nanoscale

Featuring Hertz Fellows Ed Boyden, Adam Marblestone, Paul Tillberg, and Samuel Rodriques

12/13/2018 Peeling Off Slimy Biofilms Like Old Stickers

Featuring Hertz Fellow Ned Wingreen

12/11/2018 ReadyAI Launches AI-in-a-Box, the First K12 AI Curriculum to Teach AI Concepts

Featuring David Touretzsky and Hertz Fellow Andrew Odlyzko

11/15/2018 AMS 2019 Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition Awarded

Featuring Hertz Fellow Robert Sedgewick

11/13/2018 Fixstars Announces the Release of Expansion Microscopy Studio

Featuring Hertz Fellows Ed Boyden and Paul Tillberg

11/12/2018 UCI Scientists Simplify and Accelerate Directed Evolution Bioengineering Method

Featuring Hertz Fellow Chang Liu

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