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Transforming Challenges into Rewards
Posted: 6/19/2017

Exploring and extending the frontiers of knowledge is t ... More >>>

Into the Labyrinth and Back
Posted: 6/6/2017

Imagine pushing deep into a labyrinth, with an objective and nothing but a dimly perceived thread to guide you back out. You must trust this thread, even if it seems it could be severed in an insta ... More >>>

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Posted: 5/15/2017

Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Bonnie and Clyde. R2-D2 and C-3PO. Batman and Robin. They’re better together, as the best teams are. Working together to solve problems, overcome obstacles and sup ... More >>>

A PhD Conditions the Mind for Failure - and Success
Posted: 5/4/2017

If you never fail, you probably ought to find something more challenging to work on. These days, I spend most of my time inventing, doing science, and figuring out how my company can realize the mo ... More >>>

The Journey to Innovation
Posted: 3/21/2017

A PhD program is an intellectual environment that is unmatched in its intensity and focus. When you start graduate research, you know that you are embarking on a journey that will take years. There ... More >>>


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