C. Cooper Rinzler

Hertz Fellow: C. Cooper Rinzler

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Area of Study

Photonic Material Technologies

Fellowship Years

2013 - 2017

C. Cooper Rinzler, a Hertz Fellow at MIT, is completing a degree in materials science and engineering with Professor Antoine Allanore, where he is developing liquid-state semiconducting material systems for application to the metallurgical and energy sectors. Cooper's ultimate goal is to develop and commercialize material technologies for step-change impact in the energy industry. He is deeply interested in the efficiency of technology transfer from academia to industry and wants to span the chasm between consumer and fundamental research to effectively and efficiently communicate technologies into and through the product life cycle for direct application to real-world problems.

Previously, Cooper led a team at Foro Energy, Inc. commercializing high power laser technology for the energy industry as principal engineer. At Foro, he demonstrated record-breaking fiber optic power transmission and led the development of five fundamentally new laser hardware technologies for the energy sector. He also co-wrote the highest awarded DOE ARPA-E grant $9.2 million for enabling access to baseload geothermal resources. Prior to his work at Foro, Cooper performed nanophotonic research with Professor Kenneth Crozier at the Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences while pursuing a BA in physics and engineering physics. His research on diffractive optical tweezing elements resulted in publication and his first patent filing.


2017 - Quantitatively Connecting the Thermodynamic and Electronic Properties of Molten Systems