C. Cooper Rinzler

Hertz Fellow: C. Cooper Rinzler

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Area of Study

Materials Science

Fellowship Years

2013 - 2017

C. Cooper Rinzler is a technologist and entrepreneur dedicated to transforming the innovation pipeline for disruptive technologies and products. He has more than 70 patent filings totaling over 4000 claims in the energy, materials, food/ag, semiconductor, hardware, and consumer products sectors. He has a history of building and leading teams to develop and commercialize technologies in early stage ventures. He also advises organizations seeking to build innovative models of financing early stage investment. Cooper is currently leading and advising early stage companies and organizations in the energy, materials, and food/ag sectors.

With the Hertz Fellowship he completed a PhD in materials science and engineering with Professor Antoine Allanore at MIT, where he developed new theory connecting thermodynamic and electronic properties of high temperature systems and deployed liquid-state semiconducting material systems for application to the metallurgical and energy sectors. Cooper's ultimate goal is to develop and commercialize material technologies for step-change impact in the energy industry. He is deeply interested in the efficiency of technology transfer from academia to industry, and wants to span the chasm between consumer and fundamental research to effectively and efficiently communicate technologies into and through the product life cycle for direct application to real-world problems. Cooper completed undergraduate degrees in physics and engineering from Harvard University.


2017 - Quantitatively Connecting the Thermodynamic and Electronic Properties of Molten Systems