Bharath Ramsundar

Hertz Fellow: Bharath Ramsundar

Stanford University

Area of Study

Computer Science

Fellowship Years

2013 - 2018

Bharath Ramsundar is a PhD student in computer science at Stanford University. His work combines large amounts of publicly available experimental data with intelligent learning algorithms to yield systems that can computationally predict potential treatments for diseases. Thus, Bharath's research focuses on the creation of robust, intelligent systems, and works on using deep learning to accelerate the drug discovery process. Other interests include the application of algebro-geometric techniques to problems in computational complexity. Notable prior work includes his derivation of a noncommutative analog of Serre's stabilization theorem on projective modules (for his undergraduate mathematics thesis).

He earned a double degree with highest honors in both EECS and mathematics from the UC Berkeley and was valedictorian of his graduating class in mathematics. Before joining Stanford's graduate program, Bharath worked for a year as an associate research scientist at Fusion-io and developed systems software for nonvolatile memory devices.


2018 - Molecular Machine Learning with DeepChem