Kyle M. Loh

Hertz Fellow: Kyle M. Loh

Stanford University

Area of Study

Stem Cell Biology

Fellowship Years

2011 - 2016

Kyle M. Loh, PhD, is a Siebel investigator at the Stanford Institute for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine, where he leads a new laboratory interested in generating human tissue progenitors from embryonic stem cells.

As a Hertz Fellow, Kyle obtained his PhD in stem cell biology at Stanford. He investigated how different human tissues are formed as the body develops. By mapping this process of tissue development, his work has enabled the generation of pure populations of different human tissue progenitors (including liver progenitors, pancreas progenitors, intestinal progenitors, bone progenitors and heart progenitors) in a dish from embryonic stem cells. He has shown that these artificially generated human cells can regenerate human liver tissue or even a human bone in respective mouse models; as such they might be used to regenerate tissues in patients someday in the distant future.


2016 - A Developmental Roadmap for the Diversification of Human Tissue fates from Pluripotent Cells