Justin Solomon

Hertz Fellow: Justin Solomon

Stanford University

Area of Study

Computer Science

Fellowship Years

2010 - 2015

Justin’s interest in graphics was encouraged in high school, where individual projects led him to implement a ray tracer and explore web design. His work caught the attention of a researcher at the Naval Research Lab, who mentored Justin through a project developing algorithms for geometric face recognition. Justin continued this work at MIT, MITRE, and Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs; it was recognized by Homeland Security, the Davidson Foundation, the Association for Computing Machinery, and others. Justin graduated with a double-major with honors from Stanford in Mathematics and Computer Science. As an undergrad, he contributed to projects both on campus and in the public and private sectors, serving as a graphics research assistant at Pixar starting his freshman year. His work has been presented at SIGGRAPH and other research conferences. He has received several university awards including the Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research and the Ben Wegbreit Prize for Best Computer Science Honors Thesis.

Outside the lab, Justin served as editor-in-chief of the Stanford Undergraduate Research Journal and managing editor of ACM Crossroads magazine. As a PhD student at Stanford, Justin plans to continue collaborating on joint projects with the physics and math departments to develop rigorous and practical solutions to outstanding graphics problems with applications beyond beautifying computer-generated imagery. He has publications in professional journals within and outside of computer graphics, winning Stanford’s Boothe and Hoefer writing prizes. Justin is also a pianist, cellist, and amateur musicologist.


2015 - Transportation Techniques for Geometric Data Processing