Lucas Nivon

Hertz Fellow: Lucas Nivon

Harvard University

Area of Study


Fellowship Years

2001 - 2006

Lucas Nivon is a translational investigator at the Institute of Protein Design at the University of Washington, focusing on algorithms in computational biophysics. He completed a postdoc in the laboratory of David Baker at the University of Washington, where he designed a de novo covalent small-molecule binding protein, patented a novel computationally design fluorescent protein (with Alice Ting's lab at MIT), and led a number of algorithm and database development projects in the Rosetta biomolecular modeling and design software package.

Lucas received a biochemistry degree summa cum laude from Harvard University, with a thesis on The Physics of DNA Translocation through Biological Nanopores. Lucas returned to Harvard and the doctoral program in biophysics, where he worked with Professors Xiaowei Zhuang and Eugene Shakhnovich to study the folding mechanisms of structured RNA molecules using novel computational techniques and single-molecule spectroscopy. Lucas is from New York City.