John Stockton

Hertz Fellow: John Stockton

California Institute of Technology

Area of Study


Fellowship Years

2000 - 2005

John Stockton, Ph.D., is a co-founder and board member of Entanglement Technologies. He received his doctorate in physics from the California Institute of Technology and performed postdoctoral research at Stanford University. John's academic work focused on experimental and theoretical methods for extracting sensor signals from quantum noise-limited physical systems. His expertise sits at the cross section Bayesian inference, stochastic signal processing, control theory, information retrieval, and predictive analytics. 

John is also the co-founder of quantiFind, a venture backed, predictive analytics company, and developed much of the core IP by extending Bayesian models to information retrieval. 

John also received the Hertz Fellowship entrepeneur of the year in 2012.


2006 - Continuous quantum measurement of cold alkali-atom spins.


2012 - Peter Strauss Award
Dr. John Stockton founded two companies after joining Stanford as a post doc in 2007. The first company, Entanglement Technologies, designs ultra-sensitive vapor detection using new and cutting edge technology with a variety of customers, including the Department of Defense. Entanglement Technologies received a Shell Corporation Game Changer Award in 2010. John's second company, Quantifind, is an algorithmic software-based analytical services company, serving consumer products manufacturers, scientific publishers, movie studios, and game makers. One partnership is with Elsevier to provide the first paid app for the exploration of Elsevier's massive scientific database. John serves as Chief Scientist, with twenty-one employees. John is a 2000 Hertz Fellow.