Elena Koslover

Hertz Fellow: Elena Koslover

Stanford University

Area of Study

Physical Aspects of Genome Structure and Dynamics

Fellowship Years

2006 - 2012

Elena (Lena) Koslover was in the biophysics program at Stanford University. Her work with Prof. Andrew Spakowitz centers on the elastic properties of DNA as they pertain to reading and packaging of the genome. Her research focused on developing analytical and computational models that can bridge different length scales and provide insights into the fundamental physics underlying genome maintenance. She is particularly interested in the compact yet accessible multi-level structure of chromatin, as well as the dynamics of DNA-binding proteins as they locate their target sites, push and pull on the DNA, and help to reshape the genome.

Lena was born in Russia but has spent most of her life in California. She graduated from Caltech in 2006 with BS degrees in mathematics and biology. She went on to spend a year at Cambridge University, where she worked with Dr. David Wales on exploration of energy landscapes for protein folding. She received an MPhil in chemistry from Cambridge in 2007.

In her spare time, Lena enjoys knitting, tutoring, and playing the guitar and the viola. She also volunteers with an outreach program to develop hands-on science labs for the school at the local children's hospital. Lena is married to Daniel Koslover, a fellow biophysics student, and they have recently welcomed their first son, Sammy.


2013 - The physical Genome: Structure, Elasticity, and Transport in Packaged DNA