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6/30/2016 Hertz Fellow and Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman Wins International Teaching Award for “Active Learning” Model

By implementing the “active learning” model nationwide, Hertz Fellow and Nobel laureate in Physics, Carl Wieman is convinced the U.S. could someday set the gold standard in STEM education. For his dedication to research, development, and advocacy of evidence-based educational approaches, the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany in May awarded Wieman with its international Teaching Award for 2016, an honor that comes with a brief guest professorship to the college as well as €10,000.

6/30/2016 Recording the Brain with Light: Hertz Fellows Pursue Novel Approach to Neural Mapping

To adequately understand how the brain works requires widespread mapping of neural activity, posing an immense challenge to neuroscience. However, a team of researchers, led by Hertz Fellows and MIT Media Lab members Sam Rodriques and Adam Marblestone, think they may have discovered a solution--using light to detect neural activity through optical fibers threaded deep into the brain.

5/31/2016 Hertz Fellow David Zhang Making Inroads on Early Detection of Cancer

Hertz Fellow David Zhang, a bioengineer at Rice University, wants to increase the odds of locating those elusive genetic variants that cause disease, and do so in a cost-effective manner. With two separate grants from the National Institutes of Health totaling $5.5 million, Zhang will devote the next five years to efficiently detection and profiling of rare DNA mutations that lead to illness.

4/28/2016 Hertz Fellow Kathleen Fisher Pushes for Better Cybersecurity in the Age of the “Internet of Things”

After first proving that it was possible for professional hackers to remotely take control of networked computer-based vehicles, Hertz Fellow Kathleen Fisher has been successfully leading research teams to counteract potential hackers that would exploit this vulnerability to cause physical harm in the real world.

4/28/2016 Hertz Fellow Jeff Weber, IBM Researcher, Wins Hertz Thesis Prize for Work on Protein Dynamics

Hertz Fellow Jeff Weber is the winner of the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation 2016 Thesis Prize for his doctoral thesis, “Far-From-Equilibrium Phenomena in Protein Dynamics”, a breakthrough study in the mechanics of protein folding.

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