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2/7/2017 Genetically Engineered Mice Could Fight Lyme Disease Off Cape Cod

In a previous article on Kevin’s research, "Directed Evolution Drives Hertz Fellow Kevin Esvelt to Find Solutions to Vector-borne and Parasitic Diseases", this article is a follow-up on Kevin’s progress of real-world application of using CRISPR and his public policy outreach on open-community driven science with the community of Nantucket Island, in order to help find a solution to nearly eliminating their Lyme disease problem.

1/31/2017 40 Finalists Named for the 2017 Hertz Fellowships

The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation has announced the selection of 40 finalists for its 2017 class of Hertz Fellows. The finalists were selected from more than 700 applicants. Each Fellowship consists of up to 5 years of academic fiscal support valued at $250,000 and research freedom at a participating graduate institution in the United States.

1/30/2017 David Van Valen Uses Deep Learning to Analyze Cells

In this article, Hertz Fellow Dr. David Van Valen talks about the challenges research biologist encounter when working with image segmentation, “A lot of what researchers want to look at these days are individual cells because they vary so much from cell to cell. With cell imaging, you take these cells, look at them under a dish and take a bunch of pictures to make a movie. At the end of the day, there’s this problem with image segmentation that you have to solve -- in each picture you collect, you need to identify which part of that picture corresponds to which individual cell. It turns out it’s actually a really hard problem.”

12/14/2016 Draper and The Hertz Foundation Establish Joint Fellowship

New Hertz-Draper Program Inspired by Shared Commitment to Identifying and Supporting Tomorrow’s Innovators

11/27/2016 Hertz Fellow Kelly Moynihan Finds Promise in an Emerging Tumor Treatment

Hertz Fellow Kelly Moynihan Giving Tumors a Run for Their Money!

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