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6/20/2017 Hertz Fellow Davor Sutija at Forefront of Revolution in Printable Electronics

“Everybody is talking about delivering products directly to the consumer and this is a way for brands to level the playing field with the big technology companies such as Google or Facebook that until now have been dominating mobile marketing,” Sutija said. “Adding some intelligence to your packaging, allowing consumers who see the product to be able to learn about it and interact with it before they buy, really improves conversion and educates consumers about quality.”

6/12/2017 The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Announces First Recipients of New Fellowship in Global Health and Development

Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funds New Fellowship Program

5/30/2017 Scientists Discover Glittery Diamonds Can Shine New Light on Understanding How the Brain Works

Hertz Fellow Jenny Schloss is pioneering a new process of using synthetic diamonds to detect the miniscule magnetic fields generated by neural signals, at high resolution, down to individual neurons. It has the potential to revolutionize methods of measuring neural activity across wide-ranging disciplines, including biophysics and pharmacology, and contribute to a better understanding of the development of neurons over time. One promising direction in medicine is with neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis, where neuroscientists could correlate real-time changes in the magnetic signals from patients’ neurons with the progression of the disease.

5/30/2017 Co-Creator of Expansion Microscopy Wins Prestigious Hertz Foundation Thesis Award

2016 Thesis Prize winner announced. Hertz Fellow Paul Tillberg is the first Thesis Prize winner whose advisor, Ed Boyden, also won the Hertz Thesis Prize.

4/25/2017 The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation Welcomes Two New Directors

Rosemarie Havranek and Hertz Fellow Ray Sidney Bring Unique Perspectives to the Board

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