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12/14/2016 Draper and The Hertz Foundation Establish Joint Fellowship

New Hertz-Draper Program Inspired by Shared Commitment to Identifying and Supporting Tomorrow’s Innovators

11/27/2016 Hertz Fellow Kelly Moynihan Finds Promise in an Emerging Tumor Treatment

Hertz Fellow Kelly Moynihan Giving Tumors a Run for Their Money!

10/30/2016 Hertz Fellow Ylaine Gerardin Seeks New Evolution-Based Approaches to Antibiotic Drug Development

Focusing on microbial ecology, Hertz Fellow Ylaine Gerardin is trying to engineer the microbiome of a tiny transparent worm as a model system for studying gut microbiomes. By feeding the worm a photosynthetic bacteria, she’s hoping to prove it’s possible to create a microbial community inside an animal that could benefit the worm and, through photosynthesis, create a novel symbiotic relationship between gut bacteria and the host animal.

10/2/2016 Hertz Fellow Michael Baym Tipping the Scale against Our War with Lethal Antibiotic Resistance

A powerful tool for observing bacteria as they mutate and develop resistance to antibiotics has been developed by a team from Harvard Medical School and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, including Hertz Fellow Michael Baym, a Harvard postdoc.

9/29/2016 Hertz Fellow David Horning's Breakthrough Research Helps Re-Create What May Have Happened at the Beginning of Life

Hertz Fellow David Horning, along with his colleagues at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) in La Jolla, California, have made important progress in re-creating some of the biochemical processes and ingredients that might have enabled early RNA molecules to replicate and evolve.

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