It is our pleasure to provide access to the extraordinary talks from the Hertz Foundation's third symposium. Our sincere thank you and appreciation to all the speakers for two and a half days of ideas, innovations, and real world applications. A special thank you for the financial support from Hertz Fellow Louis Lerman who has made possible the access to the talks.

Wanda M. Austin

President and CEO, The Aerospace Corporation
Getting it Right in an Imperfect World
48 minutes

Eric A. Boe

Hertz Fellow 2002, NASA Astronaut
Pilot of the Space Shuttle Endeavor, November 14, 2008
42 minutes

Justin Fox

Economics Editor-at-Large, Time Magazine
Is Today�s Market Rational, and Was it Ever?
50 minutes

Linda M. Garverick

Principal, Coactive Consultants
How Gender Differences in Leadership Style Affect the Workplace
55 minutes

William (Bill) H. Gates III

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Co-chair and Trustee
A Conversation with Bill Gates
92 minutes

Paul M. Horn

New York University Distinguished Scientist in Residence & IBM Senior Vice President and Director of Research (ret.)
The Changing Nature of Innovation
55 minutes

Jay Keasling

Professor of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering, UC Berkeley; Director of the Physical Biosciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Synthetic Biology: From Bugs to Drugs and Fuels
56 minutes

Thomas C. Reed

Former Secretary of the Air Force
A Political History of Nuclear Weapons, 1938-2008
55 minutes

Walter S. Scott

DigitalGlobe, Inc. Founder, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer
Open Skies For All: Past, Present and Future of Commercial Remote Sensing
40 minutes

Carl Wieman

Hertz Fellow 1977; Nobel Laureate, Director of the Carl Wieman Science Initiative, University of British Columbia
A scientific approach to science education
85 minutes

Xiaowei Zhuang

Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Harvard Professor of Chemistry, Chemical Biology, and Physics
Imaging the Nanoscopic World of Living Systems
55 minutes

Hertz Thesis Prize Winners Panel

85 minutes

Wendy R. Cieslak

Hertz Fellow and Director, Materials Science and Technology Division Leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Lilian Childress

Hertz Fellow 2007; Hertz Thesis Prize 2007; Assistant Professor, Bates

Christopher Loose

Hertz Fellow 2003, Hertz Thesis Prize 2007, Semprus BioSciences CTO

Youssef Marzouk

Hertz Fellow 2002, Hertz Thesis Prize 2004, MIT Boeing Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Alexander Wissner-Gross

Hertz Fellow 2008, Hertz Thesis Prize 2008

Entrepreneur Panel

55 minutes

Amir H. Nashat

Hertz Fellow 1999; General Partner, Polaris Venture Partners

Paul Graham

Essayist, Programmer, and Programming Language Designer

Christine Hartmann-Siantar

Security Portfolio Manager for Laboratory Directed Research and Development and Strategic Mission Support, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Louis Lerman

Hertz Fellow

Walter S. Scott

DigitalGlobe, Inc. Founder, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical

Steve Vassallo

Principal at Foundation Capital

Video by Basrai and Basrai Media