Hertz Foundation Fellows

Rare individuals elevate and inspire us through bold thinking and leadership.

Since 1963, the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation has awarded over 1,100 doctoral fellowships with the goal of supporting the early stage research endeavors of applied physical, biological, and engineering science students who possess the potential to change our world for the better by solving difficult, real-world problems.

The Hertz Fellowship empowers these outstanding young people with the freedom to innovate and explore their genius in collaboration with leading professors in the field. For over 50 years, Hertz Fellows have succeeded in this endeavor by providing leading ideas, invaluable public service and economic accomplishments in science, business, government and academia.

If you are a Fellow and would like to be listed or update your information, please email Hertz Foundation


NAMESchoolField of StudyFellowship End
Paul Abel University of Texas at AustinChemical Engineering - Advanced Materials2014
Cheri Ackerman University of California, BerkeleyChemistry
Peter Adams California Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering2001
Daniel Adkins University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science2006
James Adkisson Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1991
Gleb Akselrod Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics: Organic Optoelectronics2012
Kathleen Alexander Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaterials Science and Engineering
Heather Allen University of California, IrvineChemistry1997
William Allen Stanford UniversityNeuroscience
Janet Allison California Institute of TechnologyOrganic Chemistry1984
Marvin Alme University of California, Davis/LivermoreComputational Physics1974
Frank Almendinger Carnegie Mellon UniversityElectrical Engineering1977
Leonard Alt Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNuclear Engineering1977
Eric Altschuler University of California, DavisPhysics1993
Luis Alvarez Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBiological Engineering2009
Amy Alving Princeton UniversityFluid Mechanics1988
Richard Ammons California Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics1989
Dario Amodei Princeton UniversityPhysics; Biophysics2011
Bruce Anderson University of California, Davis/LivermoreEngineering - Applied Science1985
David Anderson University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1971
David Andre University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science2002
Dana Andrews Stanford UniversityAerospace Engineering1973
Scott Andrews Stanford UniversityMaterials Science and Engineering2004
Shelley Anna Harvard UniversityEngineering Science2000
Michael Anshelevich University of California, BerkeleyMathematics2000
Michael Ansour PhDMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1978
Marvin Appel Harvard UniversityBiomedical Engineering1989
Mark Applegate Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1991
Aaron Archer Cornell UniversityOperations Research2003
Shlomo Argamon Yale UniversityComputer Science1994
Dmitriy Aronov Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputational Biology, Brain & Cognitive Sciences2010
Lewis Aronson Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1992
Joel Austin California Institute of TechnologyChemistry2005
William Averre Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAerodynamics1973
Timothy Axelrod Stanford UniversityTheoretical Physics1972
Andrew Axup California Institute of TechnologyChemistry1986
Jack Ayers Carnegie Mellon UniversityPhysical Metallurgy1970
James Ayers Stanford UniversityChemistry2003
Gregory Balco University of WashingtonEarth Science2004
Alexander Balke University of California, Los AngelesComputer Science1993
Xiaoyan Bao California Institute of TechnologyBiophysics2007
David Barber Texas A & M UniversityGeology1975
David Barbrow Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1980
John Bard Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteMaterials Engineering1983
Robert C. Barrett Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1991
G. Barton Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1985
Robert Baseman University of California, BerkeleyPhysical Chemistry1982
Ashvin Bashyam Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering
Michael Baskes California Institute of TechnologyMaterials Science1969
Derrick Bass California Institute of TechnologyPhysics2000
Walter Bass Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1970
Stephen Bates Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautics / Astronautics1975
Barry Battista Vanderbilt UniversityMechanical Engineering1988
Martin Baughman Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1972
Leslie Bauman Texas A & M UniversityPhysical Chemistry1977
Michael Baym Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematical and Computational Biology2009
Andy Bayramian University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science2000
Robert Beardsley Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysical Oceanography1967
Kimberly Beatty California Institute of TechnologyChemistry2008
Vernon Beck University of ChicagoPhysics1976
Douglas Behenna California Institute of TechnologyChemistry2006
Matthew Behrend University of Southern CaliforniaElectrical Engineering; Neural prosthetics2009
K. Peter Beiersdorfer Princeton UniversityPlasma Physics1987
Richard Beigel Stanford UniversityComputer Science1986
Marc Berger Carnegie Mellon UniversityMathematics1977
Ahmet Berker Harvard UniversityPhysics2000
Anthony Bernhardt University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1975
Jonathan Bernstein University of California, BerkeleySolid State Electronics1982
Paul Berry Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteAeronautical Engineering1973
Anna Bershteyn Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaterials Science and Engineering2010
George Best California Institute of TechnologyChemistry, Biochemistry1994
Brett Bethke Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAerospace Engineering; Autonomy2010
John Betz Texas A & M UniversityCivil Engineering1979
Manjul Bhargava Princeton UniversityMathematics2001
Lars Bildsten Cornell UniversityAstrophysics1991
Douglas Birdwell Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1978
Charles Bisbee Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1971
Robert Blevins California Institute of TechnologyEngineering Design1973
Megan Blewett Harvard UniversityChemistry
Henry Bliss Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNuclear Science and Engineering1966
Joshua Bloom California Institute of TechnologyAstronomy2002
Katie Bodner Stanford UniversityBiological Engineering
Eric Boe Georgia Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering2002
Gregory Boebinger Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1986
Jeffrey Bokor Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1980
Robert Bolles Stanford UniversityComputer Science1976
Tami Bond University of WashingtonEnvironmental Engineering2000
David Bonnett University of California, Davis/LivermoreEngineering Physics1971
Robert Bonometti Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1985
Kevin Bowers University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering2001
Douglas R. Bowman Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1985
Brad Boyce University of California, BerkeleyMaterials Science2001
Nicholas R. Boyd University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science, Mathematics
Stephen Boyd University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering1985
Edward Boyden Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering2004
Richard Braatz California Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1993
Danielle Braje Stanford UniversityApplied Physics2002
James Brau Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyHigh Energy Physics1977
James Bray Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1972
David Breslow University of California, San FranciscoBiotechnology2010
Bradley Brock Princeton UniversityMathematics1989
Martin Brock Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1982
Michael Broide Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1986
Kenneth Brooks Stanford UniversityComputer Science1984
Robert Broshears Vanderbilt UniversityEnvironmental Engineering1986
Kenneth Brown University of California, BerkeleyChemistry2003
Matthew Brown University of California, Santa BarbaraPhysics
Patrick Brown Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics
Seth Bruder Princeton UniversityPhysics1998
Henry Bryndza University of California, BerkeleyChemistry1981
Adam Buchsbaum Princeton UniversityComputer Science1993
Alexander Budgin University of MiamiAtmospheric Sciences1972
Kimberly Budil PhDUniversity of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1993
Theodore Budzichowski University of California, IrvineChemistry1991
Jeremy Buhler University of WashingtonComputer Science2001
Robert Burke University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1971
Carol Burns PhDUniversity of California, BerkeleyChemistry1988
Michael Busch California Institute of TechnologyAstronomy2010
Ilene Busch-Vishniac Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1980
Rhett Butler California Institute of TechnologyGeophysics1978
J. Butts University of WashingtonComputer Science2003
Robert Caflisch Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1984
Russel Caflisch New York UniversityMathematics1978
C. Cameron Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGeology1980
Brian Camley University of California, Santa BarbaraBiophysics2012
Gregory Canavan PhDUniversity of California, Davis/LivermoreFluid Mechanics1969
David Cannell Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCondensed Matter Physics1970
Peter Capofreddi Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1997
Jaime Carbonell Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySystems Engineering1970
Martin Carlisle Princeton UniversityComputer Science1996
Elise Cawley University of California, BerkeleyMathematics1989
James Chambers Georgia Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1994
Sherman Chan Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1981
Benjamin Chandran Princeton UniversityPlasma Physics1996
John Chapin Stanford UniversityComputer Science1996
Michael Chapline Stanford UniversityMaterials Science2005
Paul Chapman Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1982
Mark Charney Cornell UniversityElectrical Engineering1995
Allen Y. Chen Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBioengineering
Pang-Chieh Chen Stanford UniversityComputer Science1989
Mung Chiang Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering2004
Christopher Chidsey Stanford UniversityPhysical Chemistry1983
Lilian Childress Harvard UniversityPhysics2007
Andrew Childs Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics2004
Paul Choi Harvard UniversityChemistry2008
Harry Chomsky Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics1990
Isaac Chuang Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering, Physics1997
Mark Chudzicki Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteElectrical Engineering1982
Wendy R. Cieslak PhDRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteMaterials Engineering1983
Nicholas Cizek Stanford UniversityAtomic Physics2010
Linda Clements Stanford UniversityMaterials Science and Engineering1974
Timothy Close Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNaval Architecture1990
Geoffrey Coates Stanford UniversityChemistry1994
David Cohan Stanford UniversityEngineering, Economic Systems1982
Adam Cohen Stanford UniversityPhysics2007
Wesley Colley Princeton UniversityAstrophysics1997
Constantine Costes Harvard UniversityMathematics1994
Jordan Cotler Stanford UniversityPhysics and Mathematics
Sheila Cotter Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1982
Ronald Cotterman University of California, BerkeleyChemical Engineering1985
Gary Couples Texas A & M UniversityGeology1981
Christine Coverdale University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1995
Howard Covert Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1987
Russell Cox Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science2006
Clark Crane Stanford UniversityComputer Science1971
Edward Crawley Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautics / Astronautics1980
Christopher Croke University of ChicagoMathematics1978
Mark Cronshaw Stanford UniversityEngineering, Economic Systems1989
Peter Cross University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering1973
Julian Cummings Princeton UniversityPhysics1994
Paul Dagdigian University of ChicagoPhysical Chemistry1969
David Dankworth Princeton UniversityChemical Engineering1990
Roger Dannenberg Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1982
Richard Darst Columbia UniversityChemistry; Chemical Physics, Glasses2012
Anjali Datta University of Texas at AustinElectrical Engineering, Liberal Arts
Matthew Davies Cornell UniversityAerospace Engineering1993
Emily Davis Stanford UniversityPhysics
Helen Davis Stanford UniversityComputer Science1988
Thomas Dean Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering
Paul Deaton Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNuclear Engineering1973
Alan T. Deckelbaum Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics - Theoretical Computer Science2014
Michael Deem University of California, BerkeleyChemical Engineering1994
Robin Deits Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics
Brandon DeKosky University of Texas at AustinChemical Engineering2015
Carl Delo Princeton UniversityMechanical/Aero. Engr.1995
John DeLuca Polytechnic UniversityInorganic Chemistry1971
David Demer University of California, San DiegoElectrical Engineering (Applied Ocean Science)1994
Stefan Demetrescu Stanford UniversityComputer Science1986
Brian Demsky Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science2003
Denice Denton Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1987
Gary Derbenwick Stanford UniversitySolid State Physics1970
Kathryn Dessau Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1992
Mark D'Evelyn University of ChicagoPhysical Chemistry1982
Kevin Diamant Princeton UniversityAerospace Engineering1994
Thanh Diep Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1994
Thomas Diller Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1976
Keith Dionne Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1990
Stephen DiPippo Harvard UniversityMathematics1989
Michael Distefano Polytechnic UniversityApplied Mechanics1974
Allan Divis University of California, San DiegoMarine Sciences1974
John Doane Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1970
Peter Doerschuk Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1982
Peter Dolan University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1994
Lawrence Dorety University of California, Davis/LivermoreMaterials Science1971
John Dorgan University of California, BerkeleyChemical Engineering1992
Brent Dorr Harvard UniversityBiotechnology
Thomas Downar Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNuclear Engineering1985
Kenneth Doxsee California Institute of TechnologyChemistry1983
Jon Doyle Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1980
William Doyle Stanford UniversityAstronautical Engineering1980
Steven Drach University of California, Davis/LivermoreComputer Science1976
Richard Draves Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1992
Alexander Dunn California Institute of TechnologyChemistry2003
Brian D'Urso Harvard UniversityPhysics2003
Kenneth Dykema University of California, BerkeleyMathematics1993
Eric V. Eason Stanford UniversityPhysics - Experimental condensed matter physics
Lawrence Ebert Stanford UniversityPhysical Chemistry1975
Philip Eckhoff PhDPrinceton UniversityApplied Math; Mathematical Epidemiology (Biology)2009
James Eddleman University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1970
Alan Edelman Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics1989
David Edwards California Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics1994
John Eggleston Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1981
Edward Ehrichs University of Texas at AustinPhysics1992
Matthew Eldridge Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering2000
Arthur Ellis Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyInorganic Chemistry1977
Bernd Enders University of California, BerkeleyPhysics1969
Jeremy England Stanford UniversityPhysics; Protein Biophysics2009
Jesse Engreitz Harvard UniversityQuantitative Biology
Gerald Epstein University of California, BerkeleyAstrophysics1983
John Erkkila University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics, Electromagnetics1975
Kevin Esvelt Harvard UniversityModern Biology; Molecular Evolution2009
William Evans Harvard UniversityApplied Physics1992
Alexander Fabrikant, Phd University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science2008
Joel Fajans Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPlasma Physics1985
Zhou Fan Stanford UniversityStatistics
Stephen Fantone PhDUniversity of RochesterOptics1978
J. Doyne Farmer University of California, Santa CruzPhysics1981
Michael Farmwald PhDStanford UniversityComputer Science1981
Michael Farwell California Institute of TechnologyChemistry2002
John Fattaruso University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering1982
Andrew Fedorchek Stanford UniversityMathematics1994
Jerry Feinberg Stanford UniversityMathematics1975
Margaret Fels University of California, Davis/LivermorePhysics1968
Wayne Felson Cornell UniversityPhysics1995
John Fericks University of California, Davis/LivermoreNuclear Physics1974
Andres Fernandez Cornell UniversityApplied Physics1990
Carl Feynman Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1994
Keith Fife Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering2008
Alexei Filippenko California Institute of TechnologyAstronomy1984
Lydia Finney Northwestern UniversityChemistry2004
Hilary Finucane Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputational Biology
Eric Firing Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysical Oceanography1977
Michael Fischbach Harvard UniversityChemical Engineering2008
Hugo Fischer California Institute of TechnologyCivil Engineering1966
Kathleen Fisher Stanford UniversityComputer Science1996
Matthew Fisher Stanford UniversityComputer Science; geometry & vision
Margaret Fleck Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1988
Thomas Flood Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemistry1972
Michel A. Floyd Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautics / Astronautics1984
Dr. Elizabeth Lee Foley Princeton UniversityPhysics2004
Michael Foley California Institute of TechnologyAeronautical Engineering1968
Frederick Ford University of California, Davis/Livermore 1967
Michael Foster Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1984
Robert Francis University of California, San DiegoEarth Science1980
Edward Frank Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1985
John Frank Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBiophysics; Soft condensed matter
Kurt Franke Stanford UniversityPhysics2003
Joseph Franklin Rensselaer Polytechnic InstitutePhysical Metallurgy1973
Kenneth Franko Stanford UniversityAerospace Engineering2011
John Fratamico Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1982
Paul Frattini Stanford UniversityChemical Engineering1985
Ewa Fredette University of Illinois, UrbanaChemistry2002
Bruce Freeman University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1974
Charles Freeman Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1982
Elizaveta Freinkman Harvard UniversityChemistry2012
Matthew Frey University of Illinois, UrbanaMaterials Science1996
Leonid Fridman Harvard UniversityMathematics1991
Charles Friedberg University of ChicagoSolid State Physics1973
Matthew Friedenberg Stanford UniversityChemical Engineering1994
Daniel Friedman Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1981
David Fryberger University of ChicagoPhysics1967
George M. Fuller California Institute of TechnologyNuclear Astrophysics1981
George A. Fuller University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma & Electromagnetic Physics1972
Samuel Fuller Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1972
Dennis Furuike California Institute of TechnologyApplied Mechanics1971
Brendan Gaffey Yale UniversityElectrical Engineering2000
Stephanie Gajar Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1992
David Galas PhDUniversity of California, Davis/LivermorePhysics1972
Michael Garceau Stanford UniversityMechanical Engineering1993
John Garstka Stanford UniversityEngineering Economic Systems1990
Alice Gast Princeton UniversityChemical Engineering1984
Charles Gaylord Georgia Institute of TechnologyAerospace Engineering1971
Cameron Geddes University of California, BerkeleyPlasma Physics2005
Dennis Geels University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science2004
Nicholas Gentile University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1993
Ylaine Gerardin Harvard UniversityQuantitative Biology
Edwin Gerber Princeton UniversityApplied Mathematics2005
John Gersh Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1979
Michael Gibby Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysical Chemistry1972
Steven Gieseking Georgia Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1992
David Gifford Stanford UniversityComputer Science1981
Erik Gilbert Stanford UniversityComputer Science1983
John Gilbert Stanford UniversityComputer Science1980
Roscoe Giles Stanford UniversityParticle Physics1975
Grant Gillary Johns Hopkins UniversityPhysics
Maria (Monks) Gillespie University of California, BerkeleyMathematics
Todd Gingrich University of California, BerkeleyChemistry2015
Robert Givan Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1995
William Glaberson University of ChicagoPhysics1968
Andreas Glaeser Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaterials Science1980
James Glanville University of California, Davis/LivermoreElectrical Engineering1975
Ann Glassman University of RochesterOptics1972
Eli N. Glezer Harvard UniversityApplied Physics1996
Stephen Gold Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1991
Andrew Goldberg Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1987
Kenneth Golden New York UniversityMathematics1984
David Goldhaber-Gordon Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1999
Julius Goldhar Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1976
Arthur Goldsipe Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering2004
Raymond Goldstein Cornell UniversityPhysics1988
Daniel Goodman PhDMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyPlasma Physics1988
Gabriel Goodman Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1987
Steven Goodman Harvard UniversityChemistry2000
Nancy Goodman Torpey University of ChicagoPhysics1981
Scott Goodwin Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1984
John Gord California Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1975
Jeffrey Gore University of California, BerkeleyBiophysics2004
Thomas Graeber Stanford UniversityBiophysics1996
C. Graham Rice UniversityMathematics1976
Cole Graham Stanford UniversityMathematics and Physics
Shawn Grannell University of MichiganPhysics2005
Angelynn Grant Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteApplied Mathematics1978
Elaine GravesZoeller Vanderbilt UniversityEnvironmental Engineering1978
Andrew Green Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAstronautical Engineering1979
William Green Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1979
David Greenberg Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1993
Ronald Greenberg Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1988
Daniel Greene Stanford UniversityComputer Science1981
Stuart Grewatz Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCivil Engineering1982
Mikhail Grinberg Harvard UniversityMathematics1997
Darcy D. Wanger Grinolds Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysical Chemistry2014
Benjamin Grosof Stanford UniversityComputer Science1990
David Grote University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1993
Gregory Gruber University of California, BerkeleyBioengineering, Electrical Engineering1999
Steven Gubser Princeton UniversityPhysics1998
Leonidas Guibas Stanford UniversityComputer Science1976
John Guinan Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1968
Kyle Gustafson University of MarylandPhysics; Plasma physics2009
Peter Guth Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGeology1980
Jose Gutierrez University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1971
Grant Haab University of Illinois, UrbanaElectrical Engineering, Computer Engineering1995
Shelby Haberman University of ChicagoStatistics1970
Christopher Hadad Yale UniversityChemistry1993
Patrick Hagan California Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics1979
Peter Hagelstein Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1979
Andrew Haidle Harvard UniversityChemistry2003
Brent Hailpern Stanford UniversityComputer Science1980
Kem Hainebach Rice UniversityNuclear Astrophysics1973
Kenneth Hall Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautics / Astronautics1987
Steven R. Hall Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautics / Astronautics1985
Clark Hamilton University of RochesterElectrical Engineering1971
Mark Handel Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics1984
Henry Happ Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics1973
Keith Hardwicke University of Texas at AustinElectrical Engineering1990
John Harkness Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1970
Robert Harney University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Physics1976
Jonathan Harris University of ChicagoChemistry1988
James Harrison University of California, BerkeleyPhysical Chemistry1991
Jeffrey Harrow Rice UniversityElectrical Engineering1976
Dr. Anastasios John Hart Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering2006
Judith Harte University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Physics1974
Kirk Haselton Cornell UniversityApplied Science1989
Thomas Hastings Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1984
Michael Hattendorf University of Illinois, UrbanaElectrical Engineering2002
Max Hauser Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1983
Joel Hawkins Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyOrganic Chemistry1986
George Hayes California Institute of TechnologyContinuum Mechanics1970
Christopher Haynam University of ChicagoPhysical Chemistry1983
Michael Heath Stanford UniversityComputer Science1978
Robert Heeter Princeton UniversityPlasma Physics1998
Brian L Heffner California Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1986
Alex N. Hegyi University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering2013
Charles Helms Stanford UniversitySolid State Physics1973
Lane Hemaspaandra Cornell UniversityComputer Science1987
Robert Hemm Georgia Institute of TechnologyAeronautical Engineering1972
James Henderson Stanford UniversityMechanical Engineering2004
Olivia Hendricks Stanford UniversityMaterials Science
T. Hendricks Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1969
Bruce Hendrickson Cornell UniversityComputer Science1990
M. David Henry California Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics; Integration of NMR onto Silicon2010
William Henstrom University of Illinois, UrbanaPhysics2000
George Hept Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLaser Physics1981
Laura Herlant Carnegie Mellon UniversityRobotics
Irving Herman Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1977
S. Davis Herring University of California, DavisApplied Science; Radiation Transport Methods2010
Mark Herrmann Princeton UniversityPhysics1997
Patricia Hersh Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics1999
Terry Herter University of RochesterPhysics & Astronomy1981
James Herzog Stanford UniversityApplied Mathematics2000
Herbert Hess Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1992
Anthony Hickl Carnegie Mellon UniversityPhysical Metallurgy1975
John Hilbing University of California, Davis/LivermoreComputer Science1994
Yedidya Hilewitz Princeton UniversityElectrical, Computer Engineering2008
Jeremy Hill University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science2002
W. Daniel Hillis PhDMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1984
Robert Hinkle University of Illinois, UrbanaComputer Science1993
Gwendolyn Hoben Rice UniversityBioengineering2008
Dana Hobson California Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics1990
W. Hodgson University of California, Davis/LivermoreSolid State Physics1978
Storrs Hoen University of California, BerkeleyPhysics1992
David Hoffman Stanford UniversityComputer Science1997
Jennifer Hoffman University of California, BerkeleyPhysics2003
Eric Hoke Stanford UniversityApplied Physics, Condensed Matter2012
Geoffrey Holloway University of Illinois, UrbanaChemistry2002
Kevin Holman University of Colorado at BoulderPhysics2005
Vincent Holmberg University of Texas at AustinChemical Engineering; Nanostructured Materials & Devices2011
John F. Holzrichter PhDStanford UniversityPhysics1971
Robert Homburg Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBiology/Physics1974
Elizabeth Hong Harvard UniversityModern Biology2007
Stephen Hopkins University of ChicagoPhysics1979
David Horning Scripps Research InstituteBiotechnology; Directed Evolution2012
Larry Hostetler University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science1992
Andrew Houck Harvard UniversityApplied Physics2005
Nicholas Houstis Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBiology2005
Robert Howard University of California, San DiegoEarth Science1977
William Howard Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1997
Julia Hsu Stanford UniversityPhysics1990
Richard Hughes Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1990
Andrew Huibers Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1997
Luke Hunter University of Texas Health Science Center, HoustonQuantitative Biology2012
Robert Hunter University of California, IrvineMathematical Physics1978
David Hutchison Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics1983
Dr. Karen Huyser Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1989
David Hwang University of California, Los AngelesElectrical Engineering2005
Roderick Hyde Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautical, Astronautical Engineering1976
James Hyman New York UniversityApplied Mathematics1976
George Ianculescu Carnegie Mellon UniversityMathematics1978
Richard Ikeda California Institute of TechnologyChemistry1983
Geoffrey Irani University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1970
Michael Isaacson University of ChicagoPhysics1971
Marcia Isakson University of Texas at AustinPhysics1997
Masahiro Ishigami University of California, BerkeleyPhysics2002
Mohammed Islam Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1985
Neil Jablon Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1985
David Jackson Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGeophysics1969
Matthew Jacobson Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemistry1999
Douglas James Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics1977
Kenneth Jancaitis University of California, BerkeleyPhysics1980
Jon Jaroker University of California, Santa BarbaraElectrical Engineering1991
Craig Jensen Cornell UniversityMathematics1998
Paul Jensen Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyOrganic Chemistry1979
Adam Jermyn California Institute of TechnologyPhysics
David Johnson University of ChicagoSolid State Physics1972
Erwin Johnson Stanford UniversityAeronautical Engineering1975
Mark Johnson University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering2005
Timothy Johnson Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1969
Scott Jordan University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering1990
Daniel Josell Harvard UniversityMaterials Engineering1992
Daniel Juliano University of Illinois, UrbanaPhysics1997
Carl Kadie University of Illinois, UrbanaComputer Science1994
Edwin Kaehler Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1974
Gail Kaiser Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1985
Maarten Kalisvaart Rice UniversityPhysics1977
William Kaminsky Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics2006
John Kammerdiener University of California, Davis/LivermorePhysics1972
Nathan Kane Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1998
Arvind Kannan California Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering
Elaine Kant Stanford UniversityComputer Science1979
David Kaplan California Institute of TechnologyAstronomy2004
Jared Kaplan Harvard UniversityPhysics; High Energy Theory2009
John Kappos Harvard UniversityOrganic Chemistry1991
Jordin Kare University of California, BerkeleyPhysics1984
David Karger Stanford UniversityComputer Science1994
Joanne Karohl Carnegie Mellon UniversityApplied Physics1990
David Karp Stanford UniversityAeronautical Engineering
Kevin Karplus Stanford UniversityComputer Science1982
Marc Kastner University of ChicagoSolid State Physics1972
Gene Katsevich Stanford UniversityStatistics
Alexander Katz California Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1998
Jonathan Katz Cornell UniversityAstrophysics1973
James Katzer Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1969
John Keary Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1974
Jocelyn Keene University of ChicagoAstronomy & Astrophysics1980
James Keener California Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics1972
John Keesee Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautical Engineering1976
Thomas Keim Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1972
Rajesh Kelekar Stanford UniversityApplied Physics2005
Craig Keller Cornell UniversityPhysics1994
Kenneth Keller University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science1983
Marc Kellner Carnegie Mellon UniversityApplied Systems Science1979
Maxim Kelman Stanford UniversityMaterials Science2003
Eric Kelson California Institute of TechnologyInorganic, Organometallic Chemistry1993
Scott Kennedy Harvard UniversityEngineering2003
Rosemary Kennett California Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics1979
Stephen Kent California Institute of TechnologyAstronomy1979
David R. "Chip" Kent IV California Institute of TechnologyChemistry2003
Aaron Kershenbaum Stanford UniversityComputer Science1970
Michael Kharitonov Stanford UniversityComputer Science1993
Joseph Kilian Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics1988
Charles Kim University of California, Los AngelesPlasma Physics1974
Lily Kim PhDMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMedical Engineering2004
John Kimball University of ChicagoPhysics1969
Brian Kinlan University of California, Santa BarbaraAtmospheric, Oceanic Science2006
Michael Klass University of California, Los AngelesMathematics1972
Max Kleiman-Weiner Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyApplied Statistics
Robert Kleinberg Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics2005
Daniel Klingenberg University of Illinois, UrbanaChemical Engineering1990
Stacy Kniffen University of Texas at AustinElectrical Engineering1991
William Knight University of California, San DiegoPhysics1979
Beth Kochin Emory UniversityQuantitative Biology2014
Mary Kodis University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1984
Harold Konish Carnegie Mellon UniversityMechanical Engineering1973
Gary Kopec Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBioengineering1979
Elena Koslover Stanford UniversityPhysical Aspects of Genome Structure and Dynamics2012
Timothy L. Kovachy Stanford UniversityPhysics - Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics
William Kozlovsky Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1988
James Kramer Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1991
Peter Kramer Princeton UniversityApplied & Comp. Mathematics1997
Glen Krc Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNuclear Physics1981
Andrew Kresch University of ChicagoMathematics1997
Jacob Krich Harvard UniversityPhysics2008
David Kriegman Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1988
Ezekiel Kruglick University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering1999
Leonid Kruglyak University of California, BerkeleyPhysics1990
Jeremy Kubica Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science2006
Noah Kubow University of California, BerkeleyPhysics2001
Louis Kuchnir Harvard UniversityPhysical Chemistry1993
Kelin Kuhn Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1983
Tanni Kuo Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1991
Jeffrey Kurland Stanford UniversityMechanical Engineering1994
Stephen Kurtin California Institute of TechnologyElectronic Properties of Solids1970
Mark Kvale Princeton UniversityPhysics1988
Thaddeus Ladd Stanford UniversityApplied Physics2003
Paul Lagace Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautics / Astronautics1982
Patrick Lahey California Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics1995
Ruby Lai Stanford UniversityPhysics
Amit Lakhanpal California Institute of TechnologyQuantitative Biology - Systems/Synthetic Biology
William Lam University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering1993
Richard Lampson University of ChicagoPhysics1969
Philip Landweer Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1983
Daniel Lang California Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics1981
Jeffrey Lang Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1980
Stephen Lang Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1981
Amy Lansky Stanford UniversityComputer Science1983
Laurel Larsen University of Colorado at BoulderEarth Sciences2008
Eric Larson Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics and Physics
George Lasche University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1983
Harlan Lau Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1978
Brian Lawrence California Institute of TechnologyMathematics
Katherine Lawrence Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics
Daniel Lecoanet University of California, BerkeleyPhysics
Dean Lee Harvard UniversityPhysics1997
Francis Lee Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1965
Peter Lehman University of ChicagoChemistry1971
Cora Leibig University of California, Santa BarbaraChemical Engineering1997
Brian Leibowitz University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering2003
Charles E. Leiserson Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1980
Louis Lerman Stanford UniversityInterdisciplinary1986
Richard Lethin Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering, Computer Science1995
Randall LeVeque Stanford UniversityComputer Science1982
C. Levermore New York UniversityAnalysis/Nonlinear Wave Propagation1979
Andrew Levin Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBioengineering2005
Jared Levy Stanford UniversityPhysics1993
John Lewandowski Carnegie Mellon UniversityMetallurgical Engineering and Materials Science1983
Nathan Lewis Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyInorganic Chemistry1981
Tianhui "Michael" Li Princeton UniversityApplied Mathematics2012
Byron Lichtenberg Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBiomedical Engineering1978
Alexander Lidow Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1977
Derek Lidow Stanford UniversityQuantum Optics1976
Marya Lieberman University of WashingtonChemistry1994
Erez Lieberman-Aiden Harvard UniversityApplied Mathematics2010
Kevin Lin University of California, BerkeleyMathematics2003
John Lindal California Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering2000
Irvin Lindemuth University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1971
Derek Linden Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1997
Robert Lindgren California Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1969
Matthew Linford Stanford UniversityPhysical Chemistry, Materials Science1996
Daniel Ling Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1979
Steven Lipner Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCivil Engineering1968
Kenneth Lisiak Carnegie Mellon UniversityElectrical Engineering1975
Alan Litsky Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaterials Science and Engineering1988
Adam Littig University of California, Los AngelesMathematics1999
Chang Liu Scripps Research InstituteChemical Biology/Chemistry2009
Per Ljung University of California, BerkeleyMechanical Engineering1997
Samuel Logan California Institute of TechnologyAeronautics1972
Kyle Loh Stanford UniversityChemical Biology
Po-Ling Loh University of California, BerkeleyStatistics2014
Po-Shen Loh Princeton UniversityCombinatorics, Pure Math Department2009
Robert Long University of MiamiMarine Physical Sciences1971
Christopher Loose Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering2007
Philip Lorang Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineering Technology and Policy1977
Vincenzo Lordi Stanford UniversityMaterials Science2004
James Lorenz Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1971
Gretchen Lorenzi University of MichiganChemistry2004
Peter Losi Carnegie Mellon UniversityMechanics, Materials1976
Michael Loui Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1980
Robert Lourie Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNuclear Physics1986
Stephen Loutrel Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1971
Laura Lowes University of California, BerkeleyStructural Engineering1997
Julius Lucks Harvard UniversityChemistry2007
Jonathan Luke New York UniversityApplied Mathematics1986
Ralf Lukner University of Texas at AustinChemical Engineering1998
P.J. Lynch Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautical Astronautical Engineering1990
David Lyon Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLasers and Communication Theory1972
Walter Lyons University of ChicagoAtmospheric Sciences1969
Ilya Lyubomirsky Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering, Computer Science1997
Gregory Lyzenga California Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics1980
Katie Maass Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering2015
Michael MacCracken University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1968
Bob Mackey University of California, San DiegoMaterials Science1996
Gregory Magel Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1986
Arman Maghbouleh Stanford UniversityLinguistics2000
David Magnoni New York UniversityComputer Science1992
Alan Magnuson Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics1984
Sanjoy Mahajan California Institute of TechnologyPhysics1998
Mahesh Mahanthappa Stanford UniversityChemistry2002
Matthew Malkan California Institute of TechnologyAstrophysics1983
Micah Manary University of California, San DiegoPathogen Genomics
Frederick Mancoff Stanford UniversityMaterials Science and Engineering2000
Max N. Mankin Harvard UniversityChemistry2015
Harindran Manoharan Princeton UniversityElectrical Engineering1996
Adam Marblestone Harvard UniversityBiophysics2014
William March Georgia Institute of TechnologyCivil Engineering1979
Jack Marling University of California, Davis/LivermoreNuclear Energy Technology1967
Dan Marom University of California, San DiegoElectrical Engineering2000
Daniel Marshall Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1996
G. Edward Marti University of California, BerkeleyPhysics; Atomic Physics2012
Bret Martin University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering1992
Karl Martin University of Texas at AustinMechanical Engineering2001
Kenneth Marx University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1968
Youssef Marzouk Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering2002
Garry Maskaly Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaterials Science and Engineering2005
John Mather University of California, BerkeleyPhysics1974
David Matsumoto Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1987
Carl Matthews Stanford UniversityChemistry1998
Sebastian Maurer Stanford UniversityPhysics2001
Peter Maybeck Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautical, Astronautical Engineering1971
William McAlexander Rice UniversityApplied Physics1997
Glenn McAndrews Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1982
Benjamin McCall University of ChicagoPhysical Chemistry2001
Thomas E. McCann PhDUniversity of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1978
MGen W. Neil McCasland Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyEngineering1988
Thomas McCrackin University of California, Davis/LivermoreMaterials Science1973
Edward McCreight Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1969
Erick McCroskey University of California, Davis/LivermorePhysics1995
Ian McKay Stanford UniversityChemical Engineering
Christopher McKee University of California, BerkeleyAstrophysics1969
John McKeen California Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering; Zeolite, Catalysis, Electrochemical Inpedance Spectroscopy2009
John McVey Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1966
Richard McWilliams Stanford UniversityComputer Science1978
Thomas M McWilliams Stanford UniversityComputer Science1979
Richard Medley Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectronics Engineering1988
Bernard Meehan Stanford UniversityPhysics2003
Matthew Meitl University of Illinois, UrbanaMaterials Science2007
Curtis Menyuk University of California, Los AngelesPlasma Physics1980
Craig Merlic University of WashingtonOrganic Chemistry1987
Michael Mermelstein Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyEECS (Optics)1999
Russell Merrill University of ChicagoGeophysical Sciences1973
Thomas Meyer University of California, Davis/LivermoreLasers1974
Bradley Micklich Princeton UniversityAstrophysical Sciences1983
Neil Midkiff Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1983
Richard Mifflin Princeton UniversityChemical Engineering1985
Radu Mihaescu University of California, BerkeleyApplied Mathematics; Bioinformatics, Computational Biology2008
Andrew H. Miklich University of California, BerkeleyPhysics1993
Fred Milanovich University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Physics1974
Ben Mildenhall University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science and Mathematics
Richard B. Miles PhDStanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1972
Alan Miller Stanford UniversityMaterials Science and Engineering1975
Anthony Miller Stanford UniversityApplied Physics: Feedback Control of Quantum Systems2011
Joel Miller Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics2002
Stephen Miller Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering and Computer Science
Gregory Mills University of WashingtonPhysical Chemistry1996
Gregory Minton Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics2013
Glen Miranker Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1979
John Mitchell University of ChicagoChemistry1992
Kenneth Dean Mitchell University of Illinois, UrbanaCivil Engineering
Katie Mitchell-Koch University of KansasChemistry2008
Denny Miu University of California, BerkeleyMechanical Engineering1985
Francesmary Modugno Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1993
Andrea Barrett Moffitt Duke UniversityBioinformatics and Computational Biology
Ankur Moitra Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science2011
William Molander University of RochesterOptics1981
Michael Montemerlo Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science2002
John Moody Princeton UniversityPhysics1983
Joel Moore Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics2001
Kenneth Moorman Georgia Institute of TechnologyComputer Science (AI)1996
Steven Moosman Stanford UniversityChemical Engineering1979
Michael Morrison Rice UniversityAtomic Physics1976
Michael Morrissey Harvard UniversityApplied Physics1998
Joseph Morrone Princeton UniversityChemistry2008
Stephen Morrow Stanford UniversityEngineering, Operations Research1982
Michael Morse University of ChicagoPhysical Chemistry1979
Kelly D. Moynihan University of Texas at AustinBiomedical Engineering
Sriram Mudulodu Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering2002
Joshua M. Mueller Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics
Karen Mueller University of California, BerkeleyElectronics1980
Gregory Muldowney University of Illinois, UrbanaChemical Engineering1988
Mark Muntean Stanford UniversityPhysics1981
Cameron Myhrvold Harvard UniversityMolecular Biology
Nathan Myhrvold Princeton UniversityTheoretical and Mathematical Physics1984
Charles Nabors Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1989
Raymond Nagem Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1988
Dennis Nagy University of California, BerkeleyStructural Engineering & Structural Mechanics1969
L. Narasimhan Stanford UniversityChemistry1990
Amir Nashat Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaterials Science and Engineering1999
Douglas Natelson Stanford UniversityCondensed Matter Physics1998
Chetan Nayak Princeton UniversityPhysics1996
Krishna S. Nayak Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering2000
Bruce Nelson Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1979
C. Nelson Stanford UniversityComputer Science1979
William Newman Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1984
Benjamin Newton Cornell UniversityPhysics2000
Thomas Ngo Harvard UniversityBiophysics1992
Luu Nguyen Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1984
Lars Nielsen Harvard UniversityOrganic Chemistry2007
Major General (Retired) Paul D. Nielsen PhDUniversity of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Physics1981
Paul H. Nielsen University of ChicagoSolid State Physics1969
Richard Nielsen California Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1971
Joseph Nilsen California Institute of TechnologyPhysics1982
Jonathan Nimitz Stanford UniversityOrganic Chemistry1981
Ken Nishimura University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering1993
John Nitao University of California, BerkeleyApplied Mathematics1978
Lucas Nivon Harvard UniversityBiophysics2006
Andrew Odlyzko Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics1975
David Oertel Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemistry2006
Michael O'Kelly Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyArtificial Intelligence2005
Bruce Oldaker Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1989
Dianne O'Leary Stanford UniversityComputer Science1975
Timothy O'Leary Stanford UniversityChemistry1975
Keith Olive University of ChicagoPhysics1981
Bradley Olsen University of California, BerkeleyChemical Engineering2008
Deirdre L. Olynick University of Illinois, UrbanaMaterials Science and Engineering1996
Daniel O'Malley Scripps Research InstituteChemistry2008
Marshall Onellion Rice UniversityPhysics1984
Richard Osgood Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1973
Oberdan Otto Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1973
Amy Ousterhout Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNetworks and Distributed Systems
Kay Ousterhout University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science
Maya Chandru Overland University of California, San FranciscoQuantitative Biology2013
Jane Owens University of Illinois, UrbanaChemistry2002
Christopher Own Northwestern UniversityMaterials Science and Engineering2005
Anand Oza Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathmatics2014
Vijay Pai Rice UniversityElectrical Engineering1999
Igor Pak Harvard UniversityMathematics1997
James Palko University of Illinois, UrbanaMaterials Science2002
Victor-Jared Palmer Texas A & M UniversityComputer Science2005
Richard Pan Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCondensed Matter Physics1982
Tony Pan Harvard UniversityPhysics2013
Dmitriy Panasenko University of California, San DiegoApplied Physics2004
Erik Pankratz Texas A & M UniversityElectrical Engineering2011
Norman Parker University of ChicagoElectron Optics1978
Thomas Parker University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering, Computer Science1986
Joseph Parmelee University of California, Davis/LivermoreQuantum Mechanical Calculations1970
George Parris Georgia Institute of TechnologyOrganometallic Chemistry1974
Sabrina Pasterski Harvard UniversityHigh Energy Physics
David Patterson California Institute of TechnologyPhysics2002
James Patton Vanderbilt UniversityRadiation Physics1972
Stanley Pau Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1996
Ellen M. Pawlikowski University of California, BerkeleyChemical Engineering1982
Alexander Payne Stanford UniversityMaterials Science1993
Barak Pearlmutter Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1990
David Pearson Cornell UniversityComputer Science1996
James Pearson California Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics1972
James Pelletier Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics
Matthew Pelliccione Stanford UniversityApplied Physics2012
George Pharr Stanford UniversityMaterials Science1979
Donald Phillion Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1974
James Phillips University of Illinois, UrbanaPhysics1995
Sandra Phillips Cornell UniversityPetroleum Geology1986
John Pieper Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1992
Karen Pieper Stanford UniversityComputer Science1991
Stephen M Pieper Purdue UniversityMechanical Engineering
Emma Pierson Stanford UniversityPhysics and Computer Science
Larry Pipes University of California, Los AngelesApplied Business Economics1973
Michael Pirrung University of California, BerkeleyOrganic Chemistry1980
Adam Pivonka Harvard UniversityPhysics; Experimental Condensed Matter2010
Alf Piwinskii University of ChicagoGeophysical Sciences1968
Kenneth Plaks University of Nevada, Las VegasPhysics2003
Eric Plow Stanford UniversityStatistics & Mathematics1971
Paul Podsiadlo University of MichiganNanotechnology, Nanostructured Materials2008
Stephen Pohlig Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1977
Joseph Polchinski University of California, BerkeleyPhysics1980
David Pollen Princeton UniversityMathematics1996
Donald Ponikvar Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLaser Physics1983
Andrew Porter University of California, Davis/LivermoreComputer Science1975
Douglass Post Stanford UniversityPhysics1974
Jeffrey Poulin Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteComputer Science1989
Dana Powers California Institute of TechnologyInorganic Chemistry1974
Lisa Poyneer Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science2001
Joe Presley University of California, San DiegoElectrical Engineering (Applied Ocean Science)1981
William Press California Institute of TechnologySub-Nuclear Physics1972
Robert Price Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPlasma Physics1975
William Pritchard Georgia Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1992
William Pritchett University of Texas at AustinElectrical Engineering2006
David Probst University of ChicagoPhysics1968
Beth Pruitt Stanford UniversityMechanical Engineering2002
James Pruneski University of Texas at AustinElectrical Engineering1994
Elizabeth Qian Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAerospace Engineering
Thomas Quelly Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysical Chemistry1978
Terrence Quick University of California, Davis/LivermoreMaterials Science1970
Maxim Rabinovich University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science
Leo Radzihovsky Harvard UniversityPhysics1993
Scott L. Rakestraw Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1990
Rajeev Ram University of California, Santa BarbaraElectrical Engineering1996
Vyas Ramanan Harvard UniversityMedical Engineering/Medical Physics
Norman Ramsey Princeton UniversityComputer Science1991
Bharath Ramsundar Stanford UniversityComputer Science
Curtis Randall University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1977
Scott Ransom Harvard UniversityAstrophysics1999
Ira Rapp Georgia Institute of TechnologyEngineering Mechanics1973
Edward Ratner Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1995
Kristin Rauschenbach Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1989
Arvind Ravi Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyModern Biology - molecular biology/genetics of microRNAs2011
Clark Ray Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteComputer Science1984
Michael Reed Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1987
Cindy Regal University of Colorado at BoulderPhysics2006
Richard Register University of WisconsinChemical Engineering1989
Grant N. Remmen University of Minnesota, MinneapolisPhysics, Astrophysics, Mathematics
Jane Rempel Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering2008
Joseph Revelli Stanford UniversitySolid State Physics1973
Steven Rice California Institute of TechnologyInorganic Chemistry1982
Edward Richley Carnegie Mellon UniversityElectrical Engineering1984
James Richman Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysical Oceanography1976
Michael Richman Cornell UniversityApplied Mathematics1997
Keith Rickert California Institute of TechnologyChemistry1995
C. Cooper Rinzler Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhotonic Material Technologies
Tyler Robarge Purdue UniversityAeronautics, Astronautics
Bruce Roberts Cornell UniversityApplied Physics1995
Daniel A. Roberts Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyTheoretical Physics
Donald Roberts University of Illinois, UrbanaComputer Science1996
Janet Roberts Stanford UniversityComputer Science1979
Jennifer Roberts Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science; Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Study2009
Michael Roberts Stanford UniversitySystems Engineering, Information Theory1982
Kim Roddis Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCivil Engineering1988
Thurman Rodgers Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1975
Samuel Rodriques Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputational Biology
Kevin Roe University of California, DavisElectrical Engineering1984
Steven Rogers Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1977
Tomas Rokicki Stanford UniversityComputer Science1991
Roger Romani California Institute of TechnologyPhysics1987
Linda Rosenband Cornell UniversityApplied Physics2000
Daniel Rosenbaum Harvard UniversityChemistry2005
Jonathan Rosenberg Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1983
Alan Rosenbluth University of RochesterOptics1982
Daniel Rosenfeld Stanford UniversityChemistry
Joel Rosenthal Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemistry2006
Joseph Rosenthal Cornell UniversityBiomedical Engineering2014
James Roskind Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1983
James Ross Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySolid State Physics1969
Joshua Rothenberg Stanford UniversityApplied Physics, Optics1982
Charles Roxlo Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1981
Paul Rubbert Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAerodynamics1965
Gary Rubloff University of ChicagoSolid State Physics1971
Andrei Ruckenstein Cornell UniversitySolid State Physics1983
Daniel Ruderman University of California, BerkeleyPhysics1993
Robert Rudnitsky Stanford UniversityApplied Physics2001
Wayne Ruhter University of California, Davis/LivermoreNuclear Physics1977
Joseph Rule University of Illinois, UrbanaChemistry2005
John Runnels California Institute of TechnologyChemistry1982
Jonathan R. Russell Harvard UniversityBiotechnology
Vladislav Rutenburg Stanford UniversityOperations Research1988
David Ruzic Princeton UniversityPhysics1984
Andrew Rzeznik Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyApplied Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics
Emanuel M. Sachs Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1983
Robert Sadowski Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1995
Omar Saleh Princeton UniversityPhysics2003
Jeffrey Saltzman New York UniversityMathematics1981
Stephen Samouhos Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering2010
Dominick Samperi New York UniversityApplied Mathematics1982
Nevada Sanchez Stanford UniversityEngineering
Craig SanPietro California Institute of TechnologyFluid Mechanics1969
Casim Sarkar Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering2002
Tom Sathre University of California, Davis/LivermoreComputer Science1975
Rahul Satija University of California, BerkeleyBioinformatics, Biological Sequence Analysis2007
Martha Savage University of WashingtonGeological and Planetary Sciences1986
Judith Savitskaya University of California, BerkeleyBioengineering
Jerry Sawyer University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1968
Tina Saxowsky Johns Hopkins UniversityBiological Chemistry2001
Robert Scari Stanford UniversityOperations Research1983
Matthias Schabel Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1996
Samuel Schaevitz Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering2006
Trudy Schafer University of ChicagoPhysical Chemistry1972
Alejandro Schaffer Stanford UniversityComputer Science1988
David Schaffer University of Illinois, UrbanaChemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Neuroscience1998
Peter Scherpelz University of ChicagoComputational Condensed Matter Physics2013
Matthew Schiffler Harvard UniversityChemistry2007
Craig Schiffries Harvard UniversityGeological Sciences1988
Monika Schleier-Smith Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics; Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics2011
Jennifer Schloss Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics
Jordan Schmidt University of WisconsinChemistry2006
Michael Schnall-Levin Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputational Biology2011
Michael Schneider Princeton UniversityComputer Science2003
Karin Scholz Rice UniversityComputer Science1989
Dave Schonbach Carnegie Mellon UniversityElectrical Engineering1974
John Schultz Stanford UniversityPhysics1987
Karl Schultz Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautics / Astronautics2000
Robert Schulz Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1984
Katharine Schutz University of California, BerkeleyPhysics
Mollie Schwartz University of California, BerkeleyChemical Physics
Steven Scott University of WisconsinComputer Science1992
Henry Seager Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyControl Systems1966
Donald Searing Texas A & M UniversityMechanical Engineering / Robotics1999
Robert Sedgewick Stanford UniversityComputer Science1975
Jessica C. Seeliger PhDStanford UniversityChemistry2006
Carolyn Seepersad Georgia Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering2004
Thomas Segall-Shapiro Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBioengineering
Vincent Sei Texas A & M UniversityAeronautical Engineering2001
Charles Seiter California Institute of TechnologyPhysical Chemistry1974
Albert Sekela Carnegie Mellon UniversityElectrical Engineering1976
Savdeep Sethi Harvard UniversityPhysics1996
Ben Shababo University of California, BerkeleySystems and Computational Neuroscience
Troy Shahoumian University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science1998
Adeeb Shanaa Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1997
Arnold Shapiro University of RochesterChemical Engineering1975
Finley Shapiro Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1986
Heather Shapiro Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMetallurgy1992
Jeffrey Shapiro Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1970
Mikhail Shapiro Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBiological Engineering, Neural Imaging2008
Richard Shapiro Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautics / Astronautics1988
Oliver Sharp University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science1993
William Sharp University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1975
John Shea California Institute of TechnologyFluid Dynamics1975
Scott Sheffer Princeton UniversityMechanical Engineering1997
M. Scott Shell Princeton UniversityChemical Engineering2005
Jeffrey Shellan California Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics1978
Samuel Sheng University of California, BerkeleyElectrical Engineering1994
Krishna Shenoy Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1995
Kenneth L. Shepard Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1992
Ravi Sheth Columbia UniversityBioengineering and Synthetic Biology
Robert Shimmin University of Illinois, UrbanaMaterials Science and Engineering2007
Eric Shirley University of Illinois, UrbanaPhysics1991
Michael Shirts Stanford UniversityChemistry2004
Vitaly Shmatikov Stanford UniversityComputer Science2000
Robert Shore Carnegie Mellon UniversityStatistics1977
Christopher Short Stanford UniversityAeronautics / Astronautics1996
Hari Shroff University of California, BerkeleyBiophysics2006
H. Paul Shuch University of California, BerkeleyTransportation Engineering1990
Max Shulaker Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering
Dan Shumaker University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1976
Raymond Sidney Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics1995
Alex Siegenfeld Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics, Condensed Matter Theory
Jonathan Siegler Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering2003
Arnold Sierk California Institute of TechnologyNuclear Physics1972
Joel Silberman Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1985
Mario Simonutti Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1974
Robert Singer California Institute of TechnologyChemistry1996
Sandeep Singhal Stanford UniversityComputer Science1996
Aman Sinha Stanford UniversityMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Richard Sites Stanford UniversityComputer Science1973
Frederick Skiff Princeton UniversityPhysics1984
David Skinner University of California, BerkeleyChemistry2000
Andrew Skumanich University of California, BerkeleyPhysics1985
Joseph Skupnjak Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1979
John Slater University of California, BerkeleyCivil Engineering1982
Gerard Sleefe Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAcoustics Engineering1986
Daniel Slichter University of California, BerkeleyPhysics2011
Lansing Sloan University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science/Computer1974
Stephen Slutz California Institute of TechnologyPhysics1978
Albert Smith Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGeophysics1973
Bruce Smith Princeton UniversityPlasma Physics1985
Craig Smith Georgia Institute of TechnologyComputer Engineering2001
Irl Smith Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1972
J. Stephen Smith California Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics1985
Julius Smith Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1983
Melanie Smith University of California, San FranciscoQuantitative Biology and Applied Physics2014
Noah Smith Johns Hopkins UniversityComputer Science2006
G. Snyder Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1996
Mark Sobolewski Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1988
Justin Solomon Stanford UniversityComputer Science2015
Sean Solomon Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGeophysics1971
Thomas Space University of Southern CaliforniaAeronautics, Astronautics
Alfred Spector Stanford UniversityComputer Science1981
Roger Speed University of California, Davis/LivermoreHydrodynamics1969
Daniel Spielman Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics1995
Valentin Spitkovsky Stanford UniversityComputer Science2010
Arthur Spivack Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyEarth Science and Oceanography1985
Simon Sponberg University of California, BerkeleyModern Biology2007
Michael Spreitzer Stanford UniversityComputer Science1986
Kartik Srinivasan California Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics2006
Preston Staats Rice UniversityElectrical Engineering1974
Richard Staats Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyOperations Research1994
Weston Stacey Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNuclear Engineering1966
Christopher Stanton Cornell UniversityPhysics1986
Eugene Stark Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1972
Linda St-Cyr University of California, Los AngelesApplied Mathematics/Physics1979
Daniel Adam Steck University of Texas at AustinPhysics2001
Guy Steele Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1980
Seth Stein California Institute of TechnologySeismology1978
Jacob N. Steinhardt Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics
Elizabeth Stephens Rice UniversityBiotechnology, Materials Science; Heart Valves2010
G. Stephenson Stanford UniversityMaterials Science1982
Jack Stephenson Carnegie Mellon UniversityElectrical Engineering1974
Thomas Sterling Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1984
Nathaniel Stern University of California, Santa BarbaraPhysics2008
Richard Stevens Rice UniversityChemistry1994
Joann Stock Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGeophysics1988
John Stockton California Institute of TechnologyPhysics2005
Peter Stoll Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1974
Keith Stolzenbach Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCivil Engineering1970
Alan Stolzenberg Stanford UniversityChemistry1980
Adam Stooke University of California, BerkeleyPhysics
Timothy Stowe Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1998
William Strecker Carnegie Mellon UniversityElectrical Engineering1970
Alexander Strong Stanford UniversityComputer Science1981
Robert Strong Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1969
DJ Strouse Princeton UniversityTheoretical Neuroscience
Dale G. Stuart Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautical Engineering1987
Howard Stuart University of RochesterOptics1998
Linda Stuk University of Texas at AustinPhysics1991
Joseph Subotnik University of California, BerkeleyBiophysics2006
Roger Sullivan Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1968
Stephanie Susetka Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteMaterials Science and Engineering1978
Kenneth Suslick Stanford UniversityChemistry1978
Davor Sutija University of California, BerkeleyChemical Engineering1991
Lee Swanger Stanford UniversityMaterials Science1972
Eric Swartz Cornell UniversityMathematical Physics1986
Peter Szolovits California Institute of TechnologyInformation Science1974
Eugene Tademaru University of ChicagoPlasma Physics1968
Neal Tanner Stanford UniversityMechanical Engineering2007
Troy Tanzer University of Illinois, UrbanaAnalytical Chemistry1998
Robert Tarjan Stanford UniversityComputer Science1972
Antoinette Taylor Stanford UniversityChemical Physics1982
Gregory Taylor Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteElectrical Engineering1985
Owen Taylor Cornell UniversityPhysics1999
Stephen Taylor Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1985
Thomas Teets Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemistry; Inorganic Chemistry2012
Jonathan Teich Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBiomedical Electronics1980
Astro Teller Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science (AI)1999
Michael Telson Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1973
Gerald Tesauro Princeton UniversityPlasma Physics1985
Jefferson Tester Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1971
Nathan Thach California Institute of TechnologyAeronautics1968
Andrew J. Thiel University of WisconsinChemistry1995
John Thomas Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyLaser Physics1978
David Thompson California Institute of TechnologyAeronautics / Astronautics1978
Jeff Thompson Harvard UniversityPhysics - experimental atomic physics2014
Rory Thompson Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMeteorology1968
Bruce Thomson Rice UniversityEnvironmental Science and Engineering1977
Eric Thorsos Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics1968
Richard Threlkel California Institute of TechnologyChemistry1980
Philip Thullen Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1969
Joseph H. Thywissen Harvard UniversityApplied Physics2000
Paul Tillberg Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering
Michael Timlin Stanford UniversityMechanical Engineering1981
Samson Timoner Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering2003
Darrell Tinker Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1980
Kathryn Todd Stanford UniversityPhysics2007
Lee Todd Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1973
David Touretzky Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1983
Mark Tracy University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1993
Thomas Traczyk Georgia Institute of TechnologyMathematics1998
Lloyd Trefethen Stanford UniversityComputer Science1982
Florence Trentacosti California Institute of TechnologyBiophysical Chemistry1980
Thomas Treynor Stanford UniversityChemistry2002
John Trijonis California Institute of TechnologyAeronautics1972
Michael Trosset University of California, BerkeleyStatistics1982
Charles Tschirhart California Institute of TechnologyPhysics, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
David B. Tuckerman Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1983
William Tumas Stanford UniversityChemistry1985
Arthur Turner California Institute of TechnologyMaterials Science1968
Thomas Turner University of California, BerkeleyPhysical Chemistry1984
Yoshio Turner University of California, Los AngelesComputer Science1995
Matthew Tyler California Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1996
Joseph Tymczyszyn Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautics1972
Stephanie Tzouanas Stanford UniversityBioengineering
Grigoriy Ushomirskiy University of California, BerkeleyPhysics2000
Jay-Calvin Uyemura Reyes Stanford UniversityMathematics2002
Kathleen Vaeth Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1999
James R. Valcourt Princeton UniversityMolecular Biology/Quantitative & Computational Biology
Floris van Breugel California Institute of TechnologyBiological Engineering2013
Richard Van Konynenburg University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Science1968
Faith Van Nice Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemistry1989
David Van Valen California Institute of TechnologyApplied Physics; Biological Physics2010
James Van Vechten University of ChicagoSolid State Physics1969
Jeffrey VanderKam Princeton UniversityMathematics1998
Kiet Van-Kuru Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMaterials Science and Engineering1994
Stephen Vavasis Stanford UniversityComputer Science1988
Steven Vegdahl Carnegie Mellon UniversityComputer Science1981
Fred Vernacchia Stanford UniversityChemistry1977
Tracy Vogler University of Texas at AustinEngineering Mechanics1998
Robert Voit Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1972
Brian Von Herzen California Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1986
Robert Wacker University of WisconsinMeteorology2005
Kenneth Wacks Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1973
David Wagger Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1990
Josh Waitzman Northwestern UniversityBiophysics
John Wakerly Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1973
David Walker Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering2001
John Wallace Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMeteorology1966
Jeremy Wallach Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering2002
Aaron Wallack University of California, BerkeleyComputer Science1995
Arthur Walstead University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1978
Daniel Walter Princeton UniversityPhysics2002
Z. Jane Wang University of California, BerkeleyChemistry; Organic Chemistry2012
Richard Ward Rice UniversitySpace Physics and Astronomy1976
Michael Wasielewski University of ChicagoChemistry1974
Asmamaw Wassie Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyBiological Engineering
Margot Wasz Rice UniversityMechanical Engineering, Materials Science1993
John Waterston Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering
Stephen Waydo California Institute of TechnologyEngineering2007
Thomas Weaver PhDUniversity of California, BerkeleyAstrophysics1975
Dr. Christopher Weber University of California, BerkeleyPhysics2005
Jeffery K. Weber Stanford UniversityChemistry2014
Joseph Weening Stanford UniversityComputer Science1988
Daniel Weidman University of WisconsinChemical Engineering1989
William Weihl Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematical Sciences1984
Andrew M. Weiner Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1984
Daniel Weinreb Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1983
Robert Weis Stanford UniversityChemistry1984
Andrew Weisberg Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1978
Daniel W. Weise PhDMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyComputer Science1985
David Weise Princeton UniversityPhysics1984
R. Bruce Weisman University of ChicagoPhysical Chemistry1976
Aryeh M. Weiss Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1985
Jonathan Weitsman Harvard UniversityPhysics1988
Michael Wengrovitz Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1986
Christian T. Wentz Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering, Computer Science
Eric Wepsic Harvard UniversityMathematics1995
Oleh Weres University of ChicagoChemical Physics1972
James Werner Cornell UniversityApplied Physics1997
Lawrence C. West Stanford UniversityApplied Physics1984
Charles Westbrook University of California, Davis/LivermoreComputational Astrophysics1968
Ronald Wexler University of California, BerkeleyChemistry1983
Guy Weyl University of California, Los AngelesPlasma Physics1969
Stanley Whitcomb University of ChicagoPhysics1979
James White Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering2003
W. White University of California, Davis/LivermoreApplied Physics1983
John Whitehead University of California, DavisMechanical Engineering1987
Glen Whitney University of California, Los AngelesMathematics1994
Curtis Widdoes, Jr. Stanford UniversityComputer Science1978
Carl Wieman Stanford UniversityLasers/Atomic Physics1977
William Wilkinson Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1994
Earle Williams Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyGeophysics1981
Gregory Williams University of California, Davis/LivermorePlasma Physics1976
Wyman Williams California Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1988
Alan Willsky Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAeronautics / Astronautics1973
Andrew Wilson University of California, BerkeleyMechanical Engineering1997
Charles Wilson Stanford UniversityBiophysics1991
E. Courtenay Wilson Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySpeech and Hearing Bioscience and Technology2007
Michael Wilson California Institute of TechnologyApplied Mechanics1970
Troy Wilson University of California, BerkeleyChemistry1995
Ned Wingreen Cornell UniversityPhysics1989
Andrew Winkler New York UniversityMathematics1987
Joshua Winn Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyPhysics2001
Michael Wirth University of California, Davis/LivermoreComputational Physics1971
Dr. Alexander Wissner-Gross Harvard UniversityPhysics2008
Zachary Wissner-Gross Harvard UniversityBiotechnology; Biophysics2012
Reid Wistort Stanford UniversityQuantum Physics1980
Hans Witsenhausen Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1966
Steve Wittrig California Institute of TechnologyChemical Engineering1980
Leon Wittwer University of California, Davis/LivermoreNuclear Physics1972
Ngai Wong Stanford UniversityLaser Spectroscopy1983
Loren Woody Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1979
Adam Woolley University of California, BerkeleyChemistry1998
James Wray Cornell UniversityAstronomy: Planetary Studies2011
Jared Wunsch Harvard UniversityMathematics1998
Scott Wunsch University of ChicagoPhysics1998
Stephen Wurst California Institute of TechnologyAeronautics1978
Colin Wynne Johns Hopkins UniversityMathematics2001
Katherine Xue University of WashingtonBiology, Genome Sciences
Alan Yamamura California Institute of TechnologyOptical Computing, Electrical Engineering1991
Steven Yang Stanford UniversityElectrical Engineering1992
Woodward Yang Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1990
David Yaron Harvard UniversityChemical Physics1989
Norman Yarvin Yale UniversityComputer Science1995
Shannon Yee University of California, BerkeleyMechanical Engineering2013
David Young University of ChicagoStatistical Mechanics1967
Neal Young Princeton UniversityComputer Science1991
Paul Young PhDHarvard UniversityApplied Physics1991
Yun William Yu Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMathematics, Chemistry, Germanic Studies
Ramin Zabih Stanford UniversityComputer Science1992
Avideh Zakhor Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1988
Jesse Zalatan Stanford UniversityChemistry2007
Jeremiah Zartman Princeton UniversityChemical Engineering; Pattern Formation and Morphogenesis2009
Eric Zaslow Harvard UniversityPhysics1994
James Zavislan University of RochesterOptics1987
John Zayhowski Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyElectrical Engineering1986
David Zhang California Institute of TechnologyBiotechnology, DNA biomolecular computation2010
Yi Zhou Harvard UniversityComputational and Systems; Neuroscience; Neurobiology2010
Jeffrey Zimmer Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMechanical Engineering1983
John Zyskind California Institute of TechnologyAstrophysics1977