Ravi Sheth

Hertz Fellow: Ravi Sheth

Columbia University

Area of Study

Bioengineering and Synthetic Biology

Fellowship Years

2015 - present

Ravi Sheth developed a new research direction for his synthetic biology lab at Rice University to precisely engineer synthetic probiotic bacteria that can sense and respond to disease in the mammalian gut. Ravi published a second author paper, and has one first author manuscript in preparation. He helped write 9 grants on his projects, receiving over $1.4 million in funding, and mentored ten students (postdocs, grad students and undergrads) towards his research aims. Ravi co-founded a VC-funded startup (STEAMtrax LLC) with Rice’s Provost that provides 3D printing curriculum to over 50,000 K12 students nationwide. He served as Rice’s Student Association President.