Ashvin Bashyam

Hertz Fellow: Ashvin Bashyam

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Area of Study

Electrical Engineering

Fellowship Years

2014 - present

Ashvin Bashyam plans to combine advances in physiology with the cutting edge of signal processing and microelectronics to improve detection and monitoring of chronic disease. “I’m excited about exploring how to detect the hidden interplay between systems in the body using non-invasive tools that could improve devices for medical diagnosis.”

As a freshman at the University of Texas, he helped design a new plasmonic gold nanoparticle contrast agent. It attaches to and highlights cancer cells in the body. Doctors can then tell if cancer has spread from an original tumor site to the lymph nodes. His work in patient settings has helped him understand approaches and challenges with high frequency ultrasound to treat cancer, X-ray fluoroscopy to analyze vertebral motion, and electrosurgery. No stranger to awards, he has won an Unrestricted Endowed Presidential Scholarship, an SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship, and a National Science Foundation Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship. While still in high school he founded and led a local FIRST robotics team to the world championships, and earned his Eagle Scout badge and subsequent Bronze, Silver, and Gold Palms.

“The Hertz Fellowship has given me the confidence to try to make a greater impact than I had imagined possible. The community of Hertz Fellows is rich with stories of success, which inspires me to excel. The opportunity Hertz provides to be part of an amazing group of people is truly one-of-a-kind.”

Fellowship Recipient:

Hans Mark Fellowship