Allen Y. Chen

Hertz Fellow: Allen Y. Chen

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Area of Study


Fellowship Years

2012 - 2016

Allen Y. Chen is a joint MD-PhD student between Harvard Biophysics, MIT Medical Engineering/Medical Physics, and Harvard Medical School. He received an AB in chemistry and physics from Harvard University, where he earned early election to Phi Beta Kappa and graduated summa cum laude. As a Gates Cambridge Scholar he received an MPhil in chemistry from University of Cambridge, where he developed a single-molecule fluorescence protocol that enabled novel biophysical studies of amyloid aggregation. He completed his PhD thesis research on applications of synthetic biology to production and patterning of self-assembling amyloid materials, and is now pursuing additional training in human genetics concurrently with finishing medical school. Going forward he hopes to apply his background in quantitative biology, genetics, and technology development to study genetically defined diseases.


2016 - Engineered Biofilms for Materials Production and Patterning


2013 - The Newman Entrepreneurial Initiative
Agile Devices co-founded with Hertz Fellow Vyas Ramanan and Leo Tsai MD/PhD, Harvard Medical School and Ben Merewitz, MIT Sloan School of Management.