Lydia Finney

Hertz Fellow: Lydia Finney

Northwestern University

Area of Study


Fellowship Years

1999 - 2004

Lydia Finney, PhD, is the university partnerships lead in the Leadership Institute, and a physicist in the X-ray Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory. In her research, she develops new ways to use x-rays to learn more about the biological roles of metals. Dr. Finney obtained her PhD at Northwestern University in inorganic chemistry, as a Fannie and John Hertz Fellow. She then completed her postdoctoral training in the Biosciences Division of Argonne National Laboratory. She has nearly 50 peer-reviewed works, which have been cited in over 800 other publications. Dr. Finney also is a mother of two young, energetic boys. She cares about mentoring and outreach for women scientists and students, and works as part of the Women in Science and Technology Steering Committee.


2004 - Structure and Function of Coordination Sites in Metal Trafficking Proteins